Dentistry Top 50: it’s back!

Dentistry Top 50The biggest campaign in UK dentistry has returned! Who will get your vote in the Dentistry Top 50?

Another new year is upon us, and with it comes an annual dental tradition – the launch of the Dentistry Top 50.

It’s the crucible where the measure of an individual’s influence within their profession is decided.

And, as a reader of, we want you to have your say.

How to vote in the Dentistry Top 50

Casting your vote is simple. All you need to do is pick your top five most influential names in the profession (with ‘one’ as the highest) and submit them to us through the website.

We’ve also suggested some names below. But you are by no means limited to this list: feel free to choose your own if other people have inspired you more.

Reviled by some as a popularity contest, and praised by many more as being exactly that. The Top 50 is the profession’s chance to have their say on the people who they feel hold the most sway within dentistry.

The big headline from last year’s campaign was the rise of the ‘influencer’, with personalities prominent on social media garnering a huge following that validated their approaches of making oral health an aspirational goal and driving patient engagement through technology.

The undisputed star of dentistry – for professionals and patients alike – was Milad Shadrooh. The man better known as ‘The Singing Dentist’ celebrated by taking to the stage at the Dentistry Awards to prove that dentistry and fun don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

For many he is the prime influencer – but will his run at the top of the charts continue into a new decade? We’ll have to wait and see!

Cast your vote by visiting

You can see 2019’s Dentistry Top 50 results here.

Suggested names

You may want to consider some of these luminaries when casting your votes for the most influential people in dentistry in 2020, but remember – these are suggestions only. Readers are free to vote for whomever they wish!


Arshad Ali
Mick Armstrong
Ben Atkins
Ruby Austin MBE


Chris Barrow
Sir Paul Beresford MP
Tim Bradstock-Smith
Peter Briggs
Paul Brunton
Ian Buckle


Nigel Carter OBE
Andrew Chandrapal
Simon Chard
Jo Churchill MP
Janet Clarke
Henry Clover
Christian Coachman
Mhari Coxon
Eddie Crouch
Eddie Coyle


Andrew Dawood
Julie Deverick
Robert Donald
Nikos Donos
Rahul Doshi
Mervyn Druian


Andrew Eder
Fiona Ellwood
Julian English
Rhona Eskander


Peter Fairbairn
Martin Fallowfield
Leah Farrell
Abid Faqir
Koray Feran
Ken Finlayson
Philip Friel


Amanda Gallie
James Goolnik
Linda Greenwall MEB
Galip Gürel


Elaine Halley
Matt Hancock MP
Stephen Hancocks OBE
Stewart Harding
Mark Haswell
Roy Higson
Mick Horton
David Houston
Sara Hurley CDO
Judith Husband


Tony Jacobs
Boris Johnson MP
Stuart Johnston
Nigel Jones
Steve Jones


Zaki Kanaan
Liz Kay
Shiraz Khan
Tony Kilcoyne


Russ Ladwa
Barry Lanesman
Kevin Lewis
Mike Lewis
Philip Lewis
Ed Lynch


John Makin
Martin Mayhew
Debbie McGovern
Paul Mendlesohn
Anna Middleton
John Milne
Basil Mizrahi
Sarah Murray


Bertie Napier
Ian Needleman
Henrik Overgaard-Neilsen
Philip Newsome
Ahmad Nounu


Eimear O’Connell
Kevin O’Brien
Mike O’Brien
Chris Orr
Barry Oulton


Craig Parker
Ash Parmar
Nilesh Parmar
Amit Patel (periodontist)
Dev Patel
Samir Patel
Ellis Paul
Julian Perry
Chris Potts
Melonie Prebble


Tif Qureshi


Attiq Rahman
Raj Rattan MBE
Juliette Reeves
Diane Rochford
Eric Rooney
Margaret Ross OBE
James Russell


Susie Sanderson
Jonathan Sandler
Fiona Sandom
Edwin Scher
Brian Schottlander
Ashok Sethi
Milad Shadrooh
Seema Sharma
Harry Singh
Nik Sisodia
Donald Sloss
David Smith
Howard Stean
Claire Stevens CBE
Vijay Sudra
Pam Swain


Vinnie Thandi
Paul Tipton


Andrea Ubhi
Cemal Ucer


Monik Vasant


Reena Wadia
Damien Walmsley
Martin Wanendeya
Derek Watson
Michael Watson OBE
Tim Watson
Julian Webber
John Whitworth
Derrick Willmot
Nairn Wilson
David Winkler
Michael Wise
Martin Woodrow


Michael Zybutz

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