Medal winning smile

Last night Invisalign patient, Dina Asher Smith became the first ever British sprint champion when she won the World Athletics Championship 200m gold. 

Dina has just recently completed her Invisalign treatment by orthodontist Dr Raman Aulakh.

Dina said: ‘I wanted to revise my smile to ensure it was as media-fit as I am race fit.

‘However, it isn’t acceptable to wear braces when you are in the public eye, so I wanted to have Invisalign treatment to realign my teeth – incognito! I wore them for 20 hours a day – I trained in them, I ran in them, I raced in them.’

‘I am a naturally positive person, and am lucky that I do a job that I love so I don’t have a great number of worries,’ she explained.

‘We agreed that Invisalign treatment to straighten my teeth would not only improve my smile, but, just as importantly would not affect my training.

Living life in the fast lane

Dina’s motivation for her Invisalign treatment was to correct an open bite.

She lives life in close up and was conscious that the TV, and social media, means that her appearances are scrutinised as much as her results.

However, she needed to find a way to treat her teeth which in no way impeded her work performance and she felt self-conscious about the way her teeth looked in interviews and in the myriad of images of her posted on social media.

She wore her aligners all the time – during training, during racing and throughout her media commitments – and raced to the finish line without impediment as a result of her compliance.

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