Alerting patients about DIY orthodontics

Left to right: Ben Atkins from OHF, Professor Jonathan Sandler, president of BOS, Jay Bowman, speaker from the American Association of Orthodontics

The BOS is announcing a partnership between itself and the Oral Health Foundation today at the British Orthodontic Conference (BOC).

The BOS and Oral Health Foundation announced a national campaign to warn patients about risks from ‘direct to consumer’ orthodontics.

This joint campaign will advise patients to visit a trained clinician, thus ensuring they are fully informed.

‘We are teaming up with the OHF as we are concerned about the potential harm of DIY orthodontics on patients,’ president of the BOS, Jonathan Sandler, said.

‘As the demand for adult orthodontics increases, so do the options for patients,’ Dr Nigel Carter, chief executive of the Oral Health Foundation, said.

‘We are seeing a growth in online companies offering orthodontic treatments at significantly reduced prices.

‘Orthodontics should always involve face to face contact with a trained clinical professional.

‘This is to ensure safety and effective treatment.’


The American Association of Orthodontics’ views mirrors the position of the BOS and OHF.

Speaker Dr Jay Bowman from the American Association of Orthodontics said: ‘I share many of the same concerns about direct to consumer treatments.’

The BOS and the OHF have jointly developed a website for anyone seeking information about orthodontic treatment.

This will be launched in December 2019.

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