The 2019 Dentistry Top 50 results

Here are the results of The Dentistry Top 50 – as voted by you!

The Dentistry Top 50 is not centred around clinical excellence or political clout.

It’s a review of who the profession itself feels are having an impact across the board, whether that be through the growth of corporate dentistry, fighting for a better deal or inspiring other dentists through teaching influence.

Dental professionals have voted in their thousands – and the results are fascinating.

Read on to find out who captured the profession’s – and the nation’s – imagination…

1. Milad Shadrooh – social media star, most well-known as ‘The Singing Dentist’
2. Rahul Doshi – leading aesthetic dentist, makeover TV show expert, lecturer and writer
3. Sara Hurley – chief dental officer (NHS England)                                                                                
4. Anna Middleton – The London Hygienist                                                                                                  
5. Nilesh R Parmar – implant dentist and racing car driver and organiser of the Ice White party
6. Tif Qureshi – pioneer of the Inman Aligner system                                                                                     
7. Chris Orr – chairman of the Aesthetic Dentistry Awards judging panel                         
8. Prime Minister (soon to be former)                                                                                                                 
9. Adam Nulty – founder of the International Digital Dentistry Academy
10. Shiraz Khan –restorative and aesthetic dentist, award winner and lecturer
11. Tony Kilcoyne – BDA councillor and national press campaigner                                          
12. Chris Barrow – practice management guru and castaway on Channel 4’s The Island                         
13. Vinnie Thandi – lecturer on digital dentistry and the face of Sensodyne
14. Paul Tipton –successful prosthodontist and founder of Tipton Training
15. Stuart Ellis – renown implant surgeon and expert advisor to the GDC
16. Henrik Overgaard-Nielsen – current chair of the BDA’s General Dental practice Committee
17. Simon Chard – chairman of the BACD’s young dentist committee
18. Monik Vasant – advocate of minimally invasive dentistry                                    
19. Rhona Eskander – cosmetic dentist and social media star                                                              
20. Reena Wadia – specialist periodontist                                                                                                
21. Zaki Kanaan –former president
of the BACD
22. Mick Armstrong – elected chair of the BDA’s Principal Executive Committee
23. Raj Rattan – dental director of Dental Protection
24. Linda Greenwall –dental bleaching trailblazer
and charity campaigner
25. Eddie Crouch – outspoken vice chair of the BDA’s Principal Executive Committee
26. Martin Wanendeya – multi award-winning clinician and RCS implant tutor
27. Kevin Lewis – former dental director of Dental Protection and consultant editor of Dentistry
28. Barry Oulton – clinician turned coach, better known as The Confident Dentist
29. Edward Lynch – perennially influential academic and dental educator
30. Basil Mizrahi – Harley Street prosthodontist and restorative dentist
31. Eric Rooney – deputy chief dental officer and honorary professor at UCLAN
32. Fiona Ellwood – chair of the National Oral Health Promotional Group
33. Richard Millhouse – implant surgeon, trainer, and former BDA regional chair
34. Anoop Maini – former president of the BACD and European Society of Aesthetic Orthodontics
35. Nigel Jones – sales director of
Practice Plan                                                                                                                 
36. Harry Singh – dentist, aesthetician and facial aesthetics trainer                                                                                
37. James Goolnik – principal of Bow Lane Dental and author of self-help book Brush
38. Melanie Prebble – hygienist, therapist, and master NLP practitioner
39. Julian Perry – group commercial director of Mydentist
40. Mike Lewis – dean of the School of Dentistry, Cardiff University
41. David Houstan – chairman of the Private Dentistry Awards
42.Stephen Hancocks OBE – editor-in-chief of the British Dental Journal
43. Arshad Ali – clinical director of the Scottish Centre for Excellence in Dentistry
44. Philip Buergin – CEO of Colosseum Dental                                                                                
45. Ash Parmar – cosmetic dentist, much sought-after by TV celebrities
46. Abid Faqir – president of the Association of Dental Implantology
47. Mustafa Mohammed – managing director of Genix Healthcare
48. Shalin Mehra – CEO of Rodericks Dental                                                                               
49. Janet Clarke – deputy chief dental officer
50. John Milne MBE – dental adviser to the CQC and past chair of the GDPC



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