How anxious are you?

The number of claims against dentists for more than £100,000 increased by 450% over a nine-year period (up to 2015) according to (2018).

It is not that surprising then that many feel the risk is very real and that the threat of complaints and litigation is a source of anxiety for most.

To look at this issue in more depth and find out more about the circumstances of practising dentistry today, Practice Plan is holding its Dentistry Confidence Monitor Survey.

NHS and private dentists are being asked to complete the survey, which is done anonymously and asks about anxiety levels around complaints, litigation and meeting GDC standards, as well as other aspects of mental health.

Practice Plan also held a survey last year which showed that 91% of NHS dentists were anxious about the risk of litigation, compared to 65% of private dentists, and 89% were anxious about the risk of complaints, compared to 63% of private dentists.

The latest survey, while asking again about anxiety around complaints and litigation has evolved to take a wider view of practising dentistry, including questions on the GDC, contract reform and future plans of respondents.

You can take the survey here.

References (2018) accessed 30 May 2019

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