Reviving a passion for dentistry Why did you choose to offer short-term orthodontics at your practice?

Mali Aghelnejad (MA): As one of the bio emulsion followers and my love toward less invasive dentistry, I found short-term orthodontics as being one of the missing puzzle pieces in providing a complete solution to my patients.

I preferred to develop within orthodontics as I loved to do less invasive dentistry and disliked prepping the teeth, doing veneers, crowns to make the teeth look better and more patients kept asking what I could do to improve their smile.

The only option I could offer them was crowns or veneers.

At this time, short-term orthodontics was coming along and caught my eye. I was searching to find out which system was best. What made you choose Six Month Smiles?

MA: An article in Dentistry magazine caught my eye and when I read through, it sounded really straightforward.

I looked up the contact details and at that time the course wasn’t offered in the UK, it was only in the USA, so I thought I’d sign up to the first available seminar, which was in Florida, and enjoy a holiday while I was there.

Attending the course was the best decision I ever made.

It revived my passion for dentistry.

I have attended different STO courses, I’m not doing any of the other systems, I’m only using Six Month Smiles.

It’s reliable, I get the results I want and it’s predictable. Is the support good from Six Month Smiles?

MA: Treatment plans are made by orthodontists and if you need any help during the treatment then you can get help at the provider resource centre.

The Six Month Smiles team are amazing.

As soon as you have a question, there’s somebody on the forum to answer you.

I owe my success to the support I got from the forum. How long did it take for you to make a return on your initial investment?

MA: The first case covers the course fee and equipment purchase, which I highly recommend.

I invested fully, right from the start.

I got all the recommended equipment and back up inventory.

From the second case I started making a profit. Are the results predictable?

MA: Absolutely – from the day I started, I have had a 100% satisfaction rate.

We teach all the dentists which cases to go slowly with.

The level one course is really important.

We teach delegates what they need to look out for and build their confidence.

With each case you learn something new.

When I started Six Month Smiles, I had zero orthodontic experience and I did what I was told to do and gained more and more experience with each case. Why should patients choose Six Month Smiles?

MA: It’s short term, it takes an average of six months – from four to nine months.

Six month braces use clear brackets and tooth coloured wires, they are barely visible.

It has an amazing support forum, plenty of free marketing material and social media movie clips. Would you recommend Six Month Smiles?

MA: Absolutely, I’m telling you because when I compare my knowledge to when I started, I see incredible progress just by undertaking cases and gaining knowledge each time.

If anybody does the Six Month Smiles course and goes steady and slowly, I guarantee everybody will be successful. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

MA: I offer Six Month Smiles to both to my NHS and private patients.

I think Six Month Smiles provides a complete package for a perfect STO system.

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