Hate replacing broken retainers? The Maintain Dual Retainer makes life easier

DB Orthodontics explains how Maintain retainers can help save you appointment time.

Approximately half of maxillary and a fifth of mandibular multi-stranded lingual retainers fail during retention in some form, either through bond failure or wire breakage, leaving many clinicians facing a high number of patients with broken retainers every year.

To add to this, bonded retainer fitting can be frustrating. From clumsy transfer jigs, to the fiddly and time consuming process of wire bending, to unwanted torque, to managing your patients’ retainer hygiene, the challenges associated with bonded lingual retainers can mount up.

‘Maintain has solved all my fixed retainer problems! I am really happy with this product, it’s excellent!’ – Andy MacCallum, GDP.

Does all this have you ready to run for the hills? Read on to discover how Maintain solves these challenges – giving you an easier life, and shorter appointments.

‘Belt and braces’

Designed by consultant orthodontist, David Waring, and brought to you by DB Orthodontics’ Lab – Studio 8, Maintain takes away the need for shaping and bending the retainer wire; all the hard work is done for you – no more lengthy appointments.

Maintain has two retention elements: a fixed wire attached lingually and a removable pressure formed retainer surrounding the whole arch for extra strength. Maintain gives patients and clinicians peace of mind with its ‘belt and braces’ approach.

The fixed wire element is housed in a pressure formed transfer jig. It is custom made to fit the patient perfectly — safely snapping on and keeping both hands free during bonding. It also has a clear window to hold the wire; creating full visibility at all times.

To separate the wire from the jig after bonding, a high or slow speed bur, or a wire cutter can be used. And, once separated, the jig can act as a retainer. If the jig is kept intact, the clinician has the option of storing the spare retainer, or giving it to the patient to keep.

The low profile, ultra-hygienic flattened braided wire –  Straight 8 Plus – is comfortable for the patient and has a larger surface area for bonding than regular braided wire; increasing bond strength.

‘Dual retention is a desired approach for retention following active orthodontic treatment. The design of Maintain performs both roles and allows easy placement of the bonded retainer.’ – David Waring, consultant orthodontist.

GDPs and orthodontists now have an easy and convenient way to replace the high number of failed bonded retainers every year. With Maintain you’ll enjoy an easy to use transfer jig, a lab fabrication process, which frees up your chair time, and last but not least, a strong and reliable treatment to keep your patients smiling for a lifetime.

For more information, a practice visit or to order Maintain, get in touch with the DB Orthodontics team today. Call 01535 656 999 or email [email protected].

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