Together we are stronger – together we will beat cancer sooner

Andrew Osafo explains why he will be running the Victoria Park Half Marathon later this year.

On the 19 April 2019 I will be taking part in the Victoria Park Half Marathon.

I am running to raise money for Cancer Research UK, which is an amazing charity that is dedicated to beating cancer through research.

I am passionate about helping to raise awareness of mouth cancer.

This is a serious and debilitating disease that can devastate lives and prematurely ends lives.

Mouth cancer is the eighth most common cancer in the United Kingdom and accounts for 3% of all new cases (Cancer Research UK).

Early detection of mouth cancer results in a 90% survival rate compared to 50% in late detection of mouth cancer (Oral Health Foundation, 2015).

The incidence of most cancers is reducing year by year, however the incidence of mouth cancer continues to increase.

The change in the incidence of mouth cancer since the 1990s is up by 30% and is projected to increase by another 33% by 2035 (Mouth Cancer Foundation, 2019).

As dental professionals we are in a prime position to raise awareness of mouth cancer and educate the public about this devastating condition.

Our actions can help save lives.

Early detection and diagnosis of mouth cancer dramatically improves survival rates and also makes treatment and rehabilitation easier.

However, awareness of mouth cancer is very low.

According to recent research from the Oral Health Foundation, 75% of adults in the United Kingdom do not know any of the symptoms of mouth cancer (Oral Health Foundation, 2018).

I am grateful for all the help and support we received when my family was affected by cancer.

I am running on behalf of all cancer survivors and all those who are no longer with us.

Together we are stronger – together we will beat cancer sooner.

I would appreciate your support.

If you would like to sponsor me, please go to:

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