Mydentist launches Brushlink trial amongst some of its patients

mydentistMydentist is launching a trial of Brushlink, the award-winning innovative device that makes any toothbrush ‘smart’.

It hopes the device, which links to an app that coaches users on brushing habits, will help improve patients’ toothbrushing.

‘Good oral hygiene starts with a consistent brushing technique of every tooth,’ Dr Nyree Whitley, group clinical director for Mydentist, said.

‘Yet we know that nearly half of UK adults miss some of their teeth.

‘Brushlink is an innovative device and app that engages people with their brushing.

‘It provides tips of where they could improve, potentially helping them to avoid future decay and gum disease.

‘We’re looking forward to distributing the device among our patients and seeing how it works for them.’

Significant improvements

Approximately 500 patients will be selected to receive a Brushlink device.

Those who receive it will include those who have had dental implants or have heavily restored mouths, as well as others with gum disease and those who are currently seeing a hygienist.

They will be able to use it with any toothbrush, manual or electric.

‘This is a step towards smarter brushing for Mydentist patients,’ award-winning dentist, Dr Dev Patel who invented Brushlink, said.

‘Extensive trials have shown that Brushlink’s unique training, scoring and feedback can deliver significant improvements in brushing efficiency.

‘The ultimate outcome is healthier teeth and gums, which we all care about.

‘It’s fantastic that Mydentist are a progressive organisation thinking about their patients’ overall oral health and well-being.’

Feedback on brushing technique

Users will be encouraged to use the Brushlink app, which pairs the device with their smartphone.

The app will coach them on their brushing frequency, duration and angles.

Data will be used in practice by clinicians at review appointments to give feedback to patients about their oral health.

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