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Mike Horrocks offers an insight into the impact the latest reciprocating glide path file from Dentsply Sirona – the Waveone Gold Glider is having in today’s endodontics.

When Dentsply Sirona introduced Proglider, a single glide path expansion file made using a pre-manufacture heat treatment technique known as M-Wire, we felt we were on the cusp of yet another revolution in endodontics.

Proglider was, and still is, an awesome file. With its variable taper design, it’s great, not only for preparation of the glide path but also for preparing the coronal part of canals, a very important part of the canal shaping procedure. The M-Wire technology meant there was more resistance to cyclic fatigue, and a much reduced chance of file separation in the canal, whilst the enhanced flexibility meant it could work around curved canals much more easily than any file that had gone before.

The launch of the new generation of Waveone Gold reciprocating files from Dentsply Sirona in 2015 was yet another milestone in endodontic file design. From a clinical standpoint the only thing that was still missing was a reciprocating glide path expansion file, which would complete the Waveone Gold reciprocating system in the same way that Proglider completes the Protaper Next rotary system. The frustration was that if you were using a reciprocating endodontic system, it was necessary to stop and switch the motor to ‘rotary’ in order to create the glide path, and then switch it back again once the path had been created, something of an added hassle and something that increased overall treatment time.

Waveone Gold

The Waveone Gold family was finally completed with the launch of the Waveone Gold Glider reciprocating glide path file in 2017. Using the same post-manufacturing heat treatment process, the instrument has the same distinctive gold appearance and is made of an extremely strong alloy called Martensitic. The flexibility and lack of shape memory of this alloy allows the file to be pre-shaped, making it very easy to traverse even complex curved canals while making the preparation and management, especially of posterior teeth or for mouths with limited opening, very much easier. In addition, its strength delivers even greater resistance to cyclic fatigue.

When using traditional hand files to create a glide path it’s possible to encounter little lumps and bumps on the canal walls that subsequent files make bigger, consequently affecting the overall canal shaping. The Waveone Gold Glider, however, creates a smooth pathway whilst simultaneously augmenting the coronal shaping of the canal, allowing for effortless progression of subsequent Waveone Gold files, which in the majority of cases, involves just one Primary shaping file.

The Waveone Gold Glider has completed the Waveone Gold system and once again demonstrates Dentsply Sirona’s technological know-how in endodontic treatment, creating a more efficient, quicker and safer treatment pathway.

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