The final piece in the jigsaw

John Rhodes talks about treating more complex endodontic cases with the Waveone Gold Glider – the dedicated reciprocating glide path file from Dentsply Sirona.

One of the most crucial stages in ensuring successful endodontic treatment is the creation of a reproducible and established glide path, particularly in more difficult cases with tightly curved canals. Glide path management is extremely important, as without a glide path to create a smooth pathway for subsequent instruments to follow, blockages, ledges and instrument fracture can easily occur.

The traditional way to establish a glide path is to use hand files or continuous rotation glide path files to expand and pre-shape the canal past a size 10 hand file, creating adequate access for the rotary or reciprocating instruments being used. And now more recently, for users of the Waveone Gold reciprocating system, the Waveone Gold Glider, a dedicated reciprocating glide path file from Dentsply Sirona.

The Waveone Gold Glider is designed to bridge the gap between a small size 10 hand file and subsequent Waveone Gold shaping files. It is ideal for establishing a glide path, especially in more difficult cases with very tightly curved canals.

The Waveone Gold Glider

The file is extremely flexible and because of its lack of shape memory can be slightly pre-bent. This is particularly beneficial when it comes to working on posterior teeth or with patients with limited opening, where it is difficult to get a straight instrument into the patient’s mouth or into the orifice of the canal. This flexibility helps to navigate and overcome complications such as calcified canals, ledges or blockages, and because the file uses the same post-manufacturing heat treatment as Waveone Gold, it significantly improves the file’s strength and gives excellent resistance to cyclic fatigue.

The Waveone Gold Glider has become a superb addition to the Waveone Gold family, especially when it comes to treating more complex curved canals. It has finally completed the Waveone Gold reciprocating system – the final piece in the jigsaw.

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