The reciprocating route to endodontic success

Specialist endodontist, Jon Cowie, talks about his experience of working with the Waveone Gold Glider – the dedicated reciprocating glide path file from Dentsply Sirona.

The completion of the Waveone Gold reciprocating file system came with the launch of the Waveone Gold Glider, a dedicated reciprocating glide path file. I was proud to be one of the first endodontists to be invited to test the Waveone Gold Glider and I found it fitted really nicely into the concept of glide path management, which in my opinion and that of most endodontists, is one of the most important stages of endodontic treatment.

The one file system makes it very easy to use and thanks to the file’s flexibility and reciprocating motion, greatly reduces the risk of errors in canal preparation. It’s a far simpler solution than using hand files, significantly reducing the risk of transportation of the root canal and better respects the original root geometry.

With the Waveone Gold Glider, using a glide path file that uses the same reciprocating motion as the formative file has been a really notable transition and gives the clinician far more control. This not only saves on treatment time, but from an utterly lazy dentist’s point of view I no longer need to keep changing the settings on my motor!

Completing the Waveone Gold family

Regardless of whether you prefer a rotary system such as Protaper Next or a reciprocating system such as Waveone Gold, the real benefit for endodontists is how few files are required (Proglider should be used with Protaper Next). In the majority of cases, just three files are needed to complete the entire treatment – a size 10 hand file, a size 15 hand file or a Waveone Gold Glider and a Waveone Gold Primary for shaping.

The Waveone Gold Glider copes extremely well (versus a size 15 hand file) with more complex canals and complications such as calcified canals, curvatures and ledges. The file uses the same post-manufacturing heat treatment as Waveone Gold, which significantly improves the file’s strength and gives even greater resistance to cyclic fatigue.

What has set the Waveone Gold Glider apart is its ability to be pre-bent. This lack of shape memory allows me as the clinician to pre-curve the file and use on challenging access cases, in particular when working on an upper first or second molar where a patient has limited opening and the alternative might be to remove more tooth structure to facilitate access, but fundamentally reduce the restorative prognosis.

The Waveone Glider has completed the Waveone Gold family. It’s a very simple file to use, very quick, and being a big fan of reciprocation it is probably the nicest file I’ve used for creating a glide path.

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