EAS announces stellar line up for Spring Meeting in Venice

The European Aligner Society has  announced the line-up for its Spring Meeting which will take place in Venice on 29-31 March 2019 at the Hilton Molino Stucky Hotel

Building on the success of its most recent meeting which attracted over 600 European delegates the Society has put together a progressive programme to explore the rapid and perpetual advances in technologies and techniques related to aligner orthodontics.

The two-day meeting will draw together the latest innovations presented by an international line-up of expert speakers.

Day one kicks off with a forum dedicated to highlighting new technologies applied to aligner orthodontics and progress to a series of hands on workshops to allow delegates to apply their learnings.  A second day of lectures will cover topics ranging from 3D diagnosis and the effective use of 3D data; to biomechanic principles applied to aligner orthodontics; and the management of open bite and asymmetries with aligners.

The programme curators have also included lectures to satiate the increasing thirst for information about the application of aligner orthodontics in teenagers as well as digital smile design and how to integrate it into a virtual treatment planning.

Plenary session speakers

EAS Spring Meeting plenary speakers: S. Chang, C. Coachman, J. Haubrich, S. Carlson, F. Migliori, K. Ojima, C. Viyuela

  1. Sean K. Carlson – USA:  Beyond straight teeth: Enhancing orthodontic treatment and diagnosis using 3D technology.
  2. Stephen Chang – Taiwan: Insights into aligner biomechanics.
  3. Julia Haubrich – Germany: Teen treatments in aligner orthodontics.
  4. Cristina Viyuela – Spain: Keys for a perfect finish, management of the posterior open bite.
  5. Federico Migliori – Italy: Asymmetries and aligners: from digital planning to treatment mechanics.
  6. Kenji Ojima and Christian Coachman – Japan and Brazil: How to stay ahead of the game with DSD & Aligners.

This will be a dual presentation with Dr Coachman on the big screen via Skype from the USA and Dr. Ojima on stage

Company lectures and workshops

ALIGN TECHNOLOGY Dr Sandra Tai: Revolutionising the next generation smile

BIOTECH DENTAL SMILERS Dr Arash Zarrinpour: SMILERS exclusive root movement and torque control: Clinical multidisciplinary applications; refining and bonding techniques

ACA DIGITAL SCHEU DENTAL  Dr Pascal Schumacher: New strategies for maximum retention after aligner therapy and maximum anchorage during active treatment: A customised CADCAM nitinol retainer solution

BIOLUX RESEARCH/ORTHOPULSE Dr Matteo Reverdito: The science behind photobiomodulation and light-accelerated orthodontics and its impact on patient compliance in orthodontic treatments

DENTSPLY SIRONA Dr Adriano Marotta Araujo: Hybrid aligner treatment and software protocols. Dr Araujo will share his hybrid aligner treatment and software protocols using in-source type of aligner production and how to use the best of two worlds, aligners and braces together

CLEARCORRECT Dr Melissa Shotell: Redefining clear aligner therapy by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and digital orthodontics

DENTAL MONITORING Dr Terry Sellke: A paradigm shift in aligner treatments using remote monitoring

GRUPPO DEXTRA ARC ANGEL Dr Domenico Dalessandri: Arc Angel system: a CBCT-guided innovative orthodontic set up.

Booking for the European Aligner Spring Meeting is open now and early sign up rates are available.  Please visit https://www.eas-aligners.com/eas-spring-meeting/  where it is also possible to join the Society to benefit from reduced booking rates.



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