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Joe Lovett takes a closer look at Alpha Bio after attending its Regional European Congress in Monte Carlo.

Dental events in the UK come in many flavours, but they typically have one thing in common: they’re all held in soulless conference centres or tired city centre hotels.

Alpha-Bio Tec is different. It likes its events to have a little more…distinction.

October saw the innovative company host its 2018 Regional European Congress in the prestigious Monte Carlo Bay Hotel. Deep in the heart of the French Riviera, bordering the Mediterranean Sea and bathed in sunshine, it’s no surprise that more than 450 dentists from 18 different countries were willing to make the pilgrimage.

More surprising, perhaps, is that it wasn’t the glamorous location that made the congress such a draw. Alpha Bio, drawing on its reputation as one of the world’s most forward-thinking implant companies, put together one of the most impressive speaker line-ups the sector has seen. With a programme like this, the congress could have been held anywhere. But that’s not how Alpha-Bio Tec operates.

Bio-hacking to digital workflows

The main focus of the event was the future of implantology and the convergence of evidence and digital innovation – and accordingly, the congress played host to some of the dental world’s most acclaimed speakers.

These included the likes of Dr Borja Diaz Oliver – lecturing on 3D planning based on digital smile design – and Dr Attila Bodrogi, who discussed bio-hacking and tissue engineering. Meanwhile, Dr Ioana Datcu tackled the topic on everyone’s lips in modern dentistry: the importance of the digital workflow.

But while Alpha-Bio Tec is one of the fastest-growing implant companies in Europe, to many UK dentists, the organisation remains a mystery.

That’s all about to change: the company has big plans for the UK market and bringing its strong product offering to British shores. This might be the first time you’ve heard about it, but it won’t be the last.

Excellence and innovation

Part of the Nobel Biocare Group, Alpha-Bio Tec has been established for 30 years. For these three decades, it’s been a specialist developer and manufacturer of advanced dental implants and prosthetics. The company is committed to excellence in every aspect of the design and production of its innovative implants and prosthetics.

The Alpha-Bio Tec offering includes a broad range of implants and tools, prosthetic solutions, biomaterials and digital tools. These include products such as the innovative Neo system, which is the next generation of spiral implant, a simplified guided surgery toolkit and a wealth of CAD/CAM solutions.

While Alpha-Bio Tec is committed to delivering top quality products that have been developed utilising a wealth of research and expert opinion, the key message the company wants UK dental professionals to take away is the simplicity with which the full range can be used.

Alpha-Bio Tec’s senior sales manager Ronit Steiner is excited at the prospect of bringing the company’s success to a new market.

She explains: ‘In light of Alpha-Bio Tec’s 30 years of implant expertise and our leading position in the European markets, I’m highly excited about our brand launch in the UK in early 2019. We are looking forward to continuing our global success and offering the UK dental professionals a proven, high quality system with a strong Simplantology value.’

Doing things differently

With many implant companies operating in what is a comparatively small market compared to the rest of Europe, Alpha-Bio Tec understands the needs to differentiate itself.

With this in mind, Alpha-Bio Tec was delighted to invite three prominent UK dentists join it in Monaco for the congress: Dr Simon Chard and Dr Chris Leech, both board members of the BACD, and Dr Guy Laffan, board member of the ADI.

‘I hadn’t heard of Alpha-Bio Tec prior to the trip to Monaco,’ said Dr Chard. ‘I was thoroughly impressed –not only by the education on offer, but how welcoming the entire team were.’

Dr Guy Laffan was also inspired by the two-day event: ‘I was blown away by the organisation and location of the congress; Alpha-Bio Tec really took care of us throughout the two days. I am excited to see what products they come to market with. I see them adding a lot of value to dental practices here in the UK.’

The event was a success all round, with many dentists from around the world coming away invigorated and excited about working even more closely with Alpha-Bio Tec. The event also hosted a gala dinner, which was a great opportunity for dentists from all different backgrounds to socialise and let their hair down.

With its commitment to excellence, quality, value and simplicity, it will be interesting to see the impact that Alpha-Bio Tec has on the UK in 2019.

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