Not just a manufacturer – a provider of solutions and education

Clinicians know when they’re being sold to, says Aly Virani. Here he explains why he decided to work with Dentsply Sirona to provide education and participate in their voluntary focus groups.

A manufacturer must make money in order to survive as a business. However, in our industry, where the products dental manufacturers produce are used for the care and maintenance of people’s teeth and gums, it’s important that they develop their products in line with what the profession needs.

My recent experiences with Dentsply Sirona have convinced me that they understand this, perhaps more than any other dental manufacturer.

A provider of solutions and education

Dentsply Sirona’s solutions-based approach has made a real difference in the market place in recent years. Products and systems are presented as complete solutions for different treatments, which resonates strongly with clinicians.

The strong focus on education is also refreshing. When I was first asked to lead a course, I was pleasantly surprised by the approach; I would devise and lead the course and was given all the support I needed. There were no restrictions and no hidden agenda.

I think there’s been a realisation that dentists are far more likely to invest in a product if they are educated about it, taught how to use it effectively and shown why it is a good choice. I would never advocate the use of a product I don’t believe in, and I would never undertake a training course unless I could talk freely and openly about my treatment choices and the products and systems I use. Dentsply Sirona fully supports this.

Seeking feedback from practising clinicians

The quest for input and feedback from clinicians is vital to further the research and development reach of a manufacturer and to this end I have been attending periodic focus groups on restorative and endodontic dentistry.

The attendees at these meetings come from a range of different settings, some based in hospital, some in practice and some in both. Sometimes, visiting experts will present us with the latest evidence and give us the chance to handle the materials. On other days, we will brainstorm or discuss a particular topic. In this way, Dentsply Sirona can gauge how products might be received, what issues still need to be addressed and in some instances, how the product can be best brought to market.

Making a difference

The inspiring aspect of these focus groups is that we can see our feedback being put to use. It shows the company is listening to clinicians and applying our recommendations directly to the product development.

Dentsply Sirona’s proposition is hugely attractive and beneficial to clinicians who adopt their solutions-based and educational approach. As a manufacturer it must keep listening to the profession and respond to our needs, which will give positive results all round!

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