BSPD announces new president

The British Society of Paediatric Dentistry (BSPD) has announced Liz Roebuck as its new president, replacing the outgoing Claire Stevens.

A consultant in paediatric dentistry, Liz also holds an honorary contract as senior clinical lecturer at the University of Edinburgh.

Currently she is professional lead for the hospital side to the Paediatric Dental Service and she represents dentistry on the local negotiating committee.

‘I feel very privileged (to be named as president of the BSPD),’ Liz Roebuck said.

‘I see it (the presidential position) as much more a case of asking the question.

‘In what way can my particular skills and expertise best contribute to the society as a whole, across all four nations.

‘There is so much going on and to support the work exec and council members are already engaged in is a priority.’


Liz Roebuck was announced BSPD president at its latest conference held in Dundee last week.

At the conference delegates were given the results of the FICTION (filling children’s teeth: indicated or not) trial.

The trial tested three approaches to filling children’s teeth:

  • Conventional (drill and fill) with prevention
  • Biological management (sealing in) with prevention
  • Best practice prevention alone.

‘One of the key messages of this trial is the importance of evidence-based prevention, which must underpin any approach to caries,’ Claire Stevens, BSPD spokeswoman, said.

‘As soon as early caries is identified, clinicians need to be re-evaluating the child’s caries risk status and providing enhanced prevention in line with Delivering Better Oral Health and SDCEP guidance.

‘This might include increasing the fluoride in the toothpaste and placing topical fluoride varnish four times rather than two times per year.

‘Recall interval should also be reduced so that the child and their family receive close support to minimise the risk of further caries developing.’

Results of the FICTION trial will be published when funders have approved the findings.

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