Put safety and ethics first with IAS Academy

IAS Academy details what is available on its training courses in the field of GDP orthodontics.

There is currently huge potential in the field of GDP orthodontics for dentists and their teams to capitalise on the increasing demand for treatment. However, it is essential that GDPs have all the relevant knowledge, experience and support to deliver safe, effective and ethical treatment to every single patient.

To do this, high quality training must be completed and this is where IAS Academy comes into its own. It puts patient safety and professional ethics at the very heart of everything it does. The academy offers an array of training courses dedicated to anterior alignment orthodontics, covering the theory behind both the treatment concepts and the appliances, as well as providing practical hands-on instruction. Training focuses on the importance of correct case selection, assessment, diagnosis and treatment planning, giving GDPs all the tools they need to deliver successful orthodontics in simple to moderate cases.

Advancing skills

IAS Academy has designed a learning pathway designed specifically to help dentists advance their skills at an appropriate pace. The various entry points within the IAS learning pathway mean there is a suitable course for GDPs of all experience levels. Starting with the globally renowned Clearsmile Inman Aligner and Clearsmile Aligner Light course for those with little or no previous experience, the pathway takes GDPs onto the Clearsmile Aligner course, offering a comprehensive insight into removable orthodontics. From there, professionals can move onto the Clearsmile Brace (also covers Clearsmile Aligner Light) and Clearsmile Discreet Brace for teaching and mentoring within the fixed appliance arena.

There are also advanced courses available for these appliances to enable more experienced dentists to refine their skills, as well as refresher programmes for those who want to keep their knowledge up-to-date. The IAS Advanced training is solely for those dentists who have been providing anterior alignment orthodontics for some time and wish to move onto more complicated cases.

In addition, IAS Academy offers training in other relevant areas with its IAS Photography and Record Taking course and the IAS Ortho Restorative course. The IAS ABB (align, bleach and bond) course is equally as popular among GDPs, as it helps them to achieve outstanding aesthetic treatment outcomes while following minimally invasive and proven techniques.

On-going support

But the learning doesn’t stop there with IAS Academy – on-going support is available to ensure that every GDP has access to the resources they need to continue developing their skills under the supervision of the experts. The online forum is the perfect place to seek advice on specific cases and to share experience with both peers and mentors. Alongside the training, this further ensures that every GDP has the competence and confidence to deliver safe and highly ethical patient care.

All IAS Academy training courses are available to view and book on the website – book your place today to continue your journey into safe and effective GDP orthodontics!

For more information on upcoming IAS Academy training courses, please visit www.iasortho.com or call 020 8916 2024.

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