More young Brits opting for cosmetic procedures over dental check-ups

whiteningMore people under 34 are opting to visit the dentist for cosmetic procedures rather than a check up, new figures show.

Almost half of people aged 18-34 have had teeth whitening treatment, with over a third admitting they whiten their teeth at least once a week.

However, a third say they haven’t been to visit the dentist in over a year because they don’t believe they have any dental issues.

‘These stats highlight an interesting truth,’ Dr Steve Preddy, dentist and interim clinical director at Bupa Dental Care, said.

‘Millennials and Generation Z seem to be more concerned with the way their teeth look than with their overall oral health.

‘Our research shows many people connect darker shades of teeth with being unhealthy or unhygienic – yet this isn’t necessarily always the case.

‘What really matters is the health of your teeth and gums.’

Poor oral hygiene

Almost one in four (17%) young Brits say stained teeth would negatively affect their self confidence.

This is because 46% of under-34s associate discoloured teeth with smelly breath, while 44% believe it’s a sign of poor hygiene.

Despite this, only 22% of respondents said they would fix missing or broken teeth.

‘Teeth whitening is completely safe if done properly and by professionals,’ Dr Preddy continues.

‘However, some products that can be bought online or over the counter can pose risks to our health, particularly if they have a high level of bleach.

‘In addition to being potentially harmful, these products are also illegal in many cases.

‘Always make sure those who carry out tooth whitening procedures are dental professionals.’

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