What price is a good night’s sleep?

Ensure you get a good night’s sleep by choosing precise, reliable, safe and cutting-edge endodontic equipment from a manufacturer you can trust, Dentsply Sirona says.

Evidence from www.nhs.uk shows that getting a good night’s sleep has many benefits, including increasing the ability to concentrate, improving performance and lowering stress – amongst many other things.

For dental practitioners, when performing day-to-day treatment, particularly in the meticulous field of endodontics, a steady hand and an alert mind are definite prerequisites for an endodontic procedure’s success, where the smallest slip could result in a compromised outcome and restoration failure.

However, if the endodontic instruments at their disposal are not of the highest quality, no matter how situation-ready the clinician is, the chances of success are lowered. No clinician will sleep well if they are constantly worrying that their file will unwind or break at a crucial moment, or that they will have a perforation or misshapen canal due to instruments under-performing – a situation that is bad for them, their patients and their business.

The recipe for a good night’s rest

With so much at stake endodontists require the very best from their equipment manufacturer – clinically-proven, tried and tested, precision instruments with the following qualities:

  1. Reliable – you need to be able to trust the quality of your instruments, see the evidence that they work from clinical papers and testimonials and know that they will last for a reasonable amount of time
  2. Precise – in the field of endodontics, precision is key. You need to know that the files you use will be accurate and flexible enough to achieve the detail and precision required
  3. Safety – made from the best-quality materials, the instruments must have the highest safety standards and have been through stringent quality-control measures and certified by ISO and other internationally-recognised regulatory authorities
  4. Innovative – you want to know that your equipment uses the latest science and innovations and is literally cutting-edge, having benefited from in-depth clinical research and development.

A company with all the right ingredients

Dentsply Sirona has a track record of over 125 years in providing high-quality, innovative products that deliver performance and peace of mind to clinicians in every area of dentistry. Award-winning and patented many times over, our products go through the strictest quality control processes and on the odd occasion when we do have a product returned to us it receives in-depth analysis from our dedicated product surveillance committee. We work with clinicians worldwide to share clinical expertise and are certified and accredited by all internationally-recognised regulatory authorities.

Our achievements speak for themselves and products such as our Waveone Gold reciprocating file system and Protaper Gold shaping and finishing files continue to go from strength to strength in terms of precision, reliability, flexibility and resistance to challenges that come with frequent use such as cyclic fatigue.

Let us give you peace of mind

Dentsply Sirona has a long, proven track record in producing endodontic equipment that clinicians can rely on. Choosing our products, will give you confidence regarding quality and reliability, and help you wake up fresh and ready to deliver the best-quality endodontic treatment you can for your patients.

To find out more about the extensive range of endodontic solutions, materials and equipment, please visit dentsplysirona.com or call us on 01932 853 422.

You can also access a range of education resources, video tutorials, courses and CPD webinars at dentsplysirona.com/ukeducation.

Earn Dentsply Sirona Rewards on all your preventive solution purchases at dentsplysirona.com.

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