A bespoke rental solution

Fazeela Osbourne reveals the benefits of Microminder’s Haas in her practice life.

Microminder provided my IT support and had been advising that the numerous issues I was facing with my IT infrastructure were due to having outdated hardware. I was provided with a number of financial options, one of which was Microminder’s Haas, bespoke rental solution.

Having trusted Microminder for over a year with my IT support and being very happy with the care and attention their team provided, I had no issue in committing to the rental option versus the many benefits it brought me. The number of years that Microminder has been supporting dentistry was a big determining factor for me too.

It was clear to me that the Microminder Haas solution was truly a mutual commitment between Microminder and my practice. This meant that I would never face the issue of ageing hardware again and the reluctance to invest heavily when it becomes outdated in future.

In dentistry today, if we don’t have access to scans or X-rays, you simply cannot work without the digital records. Our IT network is a critical business system; the pace with which IT equipment requires upgrading means it requires significant investment. With Microminder Haas, all failed hardware is covered and replaced quickly and efficiently.

Complete peace-of-mind

Price didn’t play a part in the decision. It was the delivery of service and quality that ensured my practice was never in the state Microminder adopted it in. There were days the Harley Street practice would cancel patients purely due to them not having access to any X-rays or patient information. Microminder Haas provides complete peace-of-mind that my hardware is up-to-date for my gadgets, software suppliers and reduced downtime.

The practice benefited from a completely seamless installation, out of hours to ensure the practice continued running during the week without any disruption. An engineer was on site on the following Monday to ensure the practice did not face any issues, which was nice to have as an insurance policy.

Microminder’s Haas is perfect when it comes to balancing your cash flow, ensuring you can have PCs repaired all the time without a surprise rise in monthly invoice, which in turn allows the practice to run smoothly. Haas ensures my critical IT network is fully up-to-date, in line with the dental software and digital imaging suppliers.

Second-to-none service

I chose Microminder and their Haas service over other providers. We were provided with quotations from others but none matched the benefits of Microminder Haas. I have no doubt whatsoever that I made the right decision as their service has been second to none.

I regularly recommend Microminder to other dental colleagues and friends. The service is excellent and their backup plan is second to none. They really did consider my practice needs and customised the plans to match my requirements.

Microminder Haas is a relatively simple concept but this is part of the appeal – it is easy to understand, easy to setup and join and completely pain-free. It truly does what it says on the tin.

Microminder is one of the UK’s leading IT support providers. Delivering IT solutions, support contracts, and a comprehensive range of protective services. Call, 020 8799 6883 visit, www.microminder.com or email [email protected].

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