Closing the gap in direct dentistry

Optident and Bioclear Matrix present the free ultimate aesthetic guide for modern anterior and posterior restorations.

Put an end to aggressive restorative treatments and transform your approach to restorative dentistry, with the help of progressive products and techniques.

‘It is amazing that we have billion dollar companies building space-age stuff, but when it comes to the important business of restoring a tooth in a conservative way, we use tools that are 50 years old’ – Dr David Clark, DDS.

Created with the help of Dr David Clark, dentist, inventor and founder of the Bioclear Matrix System and Method – Closing the Gap In Direct Dentistry is a 60-page comprehensive guide to conservative restorative dentistry. It contains clinical cases, video cases, and best practice advice on modern, conservative solutions to three critical and common problems:

  • Black triangles
  • Class II restorations
  • Peg laterals and closing diastemas.

Until now, dentists have lacked the tools to confidently treat the aesthetic problem of black triangles, and many of the solutions offered have been disproportionately invasive. In the meantime, traditional restorative closures of black triangles have created additional problems, such as staining and periodontal inflammation.

Bioclear Matrix addresses this problem, presenting a range of conservative solutions for treating black triangles, class II restorations and peg laterals, as well as closing diastemas.

This new approach enables dentists to meet the needs of an increasingly demanding and well-informed patient, at a time when aesthetic dentistry is a growing industry.

Closing the gaps in direct dentistry

‘After 28 years of dentistry I feel like a kid again. I am able to give something that has no compromises on beauty or longevity, or any of the compromises of reduction dentistry. It enables me to satisfy the patient and run a profitable practice’ – Dr David Clark.

The ebook ‘Closing the gaps in direct dentistry‘ details how you can transform your offering to patients while giving people what they demand and expect in a changing marketplace.

In 2009, Dr Clark founded Bioclear Matrix Systems, offering progressive products and techniques evolving from traditional preparations, as well as dental matrix systems for anterior and posterior composite restorations. The breakthrough gives dentists the tools and equipment to create longer-lasting, stronger and aesthetically superior composites.

Diastema closure and large anterior restorations were the primary focus of the Bioclear matrices, which use anatomic shapes specific to the tooth’s surface.

Dr Clark discovered that the injection moulding process using these matrices, in conjunction with the right restorative material, also created a breakthrough new treatment possibility – treating challenging and unsightly open gingival embrasures,  or ‘black triangles’.

With 30% of adults suffering from black triangles (Kurth and Kokich, 2001) the discovery was significant.

Historically, there were two options for restoration. These were bonding, which has a number of drawbacks, and porcelain, which looks aesthetically pleasing but has a high physiological and financial cost.

Bioclear Matrix introduces a third method; it boasts most of the advantages of porcelain without any of the disadvantages. Some 20 years on, a tooth treated with the Bioclear Method will not be affected by structural changes, as it would if tooth reduction had been carried out.

Once you begin to explore the Bioclear Method, rather than just the Matrix, you will start to see new opportunities. As well as being able to help patients feel better about their teeth, you will also be capable of slowing down the effects of wear.

Download your copy and discover the products and techniques you need to transform your offering to patients, and create longer lasting, stronger, and aesthetically superior composites.

As a team of motivated people who are forward thinking, driven and dedicated to bringing innovation to the dental industry, Optident believes in offering its customers much more than a product. We believe in offering solutions, adding value, educating, and delivering great insight into the world of dentistry. Optident is hugely instrumental in the development of restorative materials for minimally invasive dentistry, evolving and executing new techniques with key opinion leaders and innovators like Dr Clark. It is the only UK company offering patients access to the groundbreaking Bioclear Method.


Kurth J and Kokich V (2001) Open Gingival Embrasures after orthodontic treatment in adults: prevalence and etiology. Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop 120: 116-123

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