The perfect climate for change

You spend your working life advising patients on how to alter their dental habits, but how good are you when it comes to any big switch? Here, Ian Eslick, forecasts a brighter outlook…

Procrastination can be the death of a business. Take a look at any successful entrepreneur and their enthusiasm and drive are palpable. For those who hesitate too long – and fail to realign or streamline swiftly – too often their business can be left to drift with stormy waters ahead.

The task of building a successful business within dentistry is a challenging one – the environment of health care, coupled with expanding demands by regulatory bodies as well as the management of staff and patients alike can test the enterprising skills of any practice owner.

Understanding there are areas for improvement or change within a practice is only part of the problem; brainstorming and then acting upon any well-considered business plan is what counts when it comes to money in the bank. But sometimes even the strongest of leaders can experience paralysis when faced with new circumstances that demand change.

Dentists are notorious perfectionists – after all, it’s a profession that demands precision – and this tendency for perfection can cloud judgement. Innovation may be the crux of any sound business transformation but when faced with a difficult task that’s not clinical, stagnation can set in.

Lifting the cloud

Therefore, why not delegate and leave the business in the safe hands of those best placed to see – and solve – solutions more clearly and effectively?

To lift the cloud that may be hanging over your practice, seek someone who can assess your business plans and even implement them. When choosing a dental plan provider, for instance, do they understand and share your passion for the business? Is their commitment evident? Do they have experience in helping other practices make similar business changes?

No transition is without hiccups so lean on those who know how to avoid the pitfalls and can accurately overcome key challenges.

Patient loyalty lies at the heart of any successful practice. Make sure that loyalty is nurtured in any changes you make and that your brand is not lost in the midst of it all. So find a dental plan provider that offers reassurance of continued care – and shares this effectively with your patient base. Can they help build on this loyalty with a bespoke plan that rewards commitment? Is the plan unique to your practice and instantly recognisable as part of your brand?

A safe pair of hands

You should be able to make the important decisions, but be confident in leaving the implementation of them to others, safe in the knowledge that there is a supportive pair of hands at the helm.

When considering change, instead of trying to finalise a decision immediately, why not commit to collaborating with a team that can progress your plans alongside you. With the right support, guidance and a plan provider with a proven record of successfully getting practices on track, it can be a smoother journey for you, your team and your patients.

Don’t forget to ask the provider to share any testimonials from practice owners who have already made the switch and have found true value in the experience.

So, do put a productive spin on your usual procrastinating habits. Set aside your inherent need for perfection and see today as the perfect climate for change. With a team of professionals on board, it will allow you and your business to sail happily into a successful and stress-free future.

DPAS is a specialist provider of practice-branded dental plans for your practice and patients, offering everything the team needs to implement and promote plans effectively. For further information, visit, email [email protected] or call 01747 870910.

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