Empowering dentists to treat orthodontic cases

Dr Robert Scherngell, a renowned Austrian-based orthodontist and respected teacher of orthodontic practice, is hoping to improve access to training and help increase revenue for British dentists, by launching a series of seminars which empower them to treat orthodontic cases

As part of his preparation for bringing his successful seminars to the UK, Dr Scherngell commissioned a series of in-depth interviews with dentists across the country, to give him an understanding of their training needs and views on orthodontics. His findings are summarised below:

  • While 70% of GDPs know the procedure to become orthodontists, just 20% could afford to take time out to train
  • 60% of GDPs could not afford to train to be orthodontists
  • 40% say lack of orthodontic provision is having a negative effect on the nation’s teeth
  • 90% of dentists thought more people would seek to solve orthodontic problems if their normal dentist was able to treat the case
  • The most common reason for adult orthodontics is crowding.

Based in Vienna, where he owns and operates two successful dental practices, Dr Scherngell already offers his seminars in Austria, Germany, the United States and Croatia, where his graduates now offer a range of orthodontic procedures.

‘Gap in orthodontic knowledge’

He was inspired to bring his seminar series to the UK following their success in other markets, and after noticing the gap in orthodontic knowledge between the nation’s GDPs, even those with limited training in branded orthodontic systems, and qualified orthodontic professionals.

Dr Scherngell’s programme runs from February to June 2018 during a period of 17 days, covering nine modules to prepare dentists to practise orthodontics with confidence. Topics covered in the seminars include everything from treatment options and planning to hands on wire bending. Participants are encouraged to bring their own cases for discussion and analysis.

Dr Robert Scherngell said: ‘Dentists in the UK know that their patients would benefit if they were able to take care of their orthodontic needs, but beyond certain proprietary alignment systems most GDPs aren’t able to deliver this. My series of seminars makes orthodontics available to a much wider range of practitioners at a price they can afford. At the moment many excellent dentists have the talent to treat orthodontic cases but can’t afford the cost or time involved in training.

‘Confidence is an essential element in our training, many practitioners feel that they want as much practical as theoretical guidance. This even applies to those who have been trained in short-term orthodontics. We are careful to ensure our graduates are confident in both their work and in how to communicate with their patients about it.’

The taster session is on February 2nd in central London. The full programme of seminars runs from 23rd 2017 to 15th June 2019. Dentists wishing to register for the one-day taster session should email [email protected] or call Pennie Hudson-Ward on 07831 863 444 for further information.



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