The top 10 lies in dentistry

Alun Rees lists some of the top lies that are told around dentistry.

The top 10 lies that (some) patients tell dentists

  1. It’s the filling that was done last time
  2. No one ever told me about cleaning in between my teeth
  3. I always go every six months without fail
  4. My last dentist told me…
  5. The receptionist promised that you would do it today
  6. Your filling has broken
  7. My mother had weak teeth too, mine came through bad
  8. He had to put his knee on my chest to get it out
  9. It’s a ‘screw-in’ tooth, I had the root taken out
  10. Local anaesthetic has never worked, I have to have gas.

The top 10 lies that (some) dentists tell patients

  1. You’re too old for orthodontics
  2. You won’t have any more problems with that tooth once it has been crowned
  3. You won’t have any more problems with that tooth once it has been root filled
  4. You won’t have any more problems with that once the implant is done
  5. That’s not available on the NHS
  6. They’ll be fine as long as they brush their teeth afterwards
  7. This won’t hurt and when it does raise your hand and I’ll stop
  8. Your lip’s gone numb, it can’t possibly still hurt
  9. Bleeding gums are normal, just brush them harder and rinse with Corsodyl
  10. I’ll give you a prescription for some antibiotics, that will sort everything out.

The top 10 lies that (some) dentists tell themselves

  1. I only need to look at the bank statements and leave everything else to the accountants
  2. That new associate is fine no need for a formal contract, it shows a lack of trust
  3. This is what I was taught at dental school, it’s bound to work
  4. Those postgrad courses are far too expensive, I’ll just do the free online ones
  5. The Government wouldn’t dare interfere with the NHS contract
  6. This patient wouldn’t benefit from/can’t afford an implant no need to mention it
  7. Don’t put this cash payment through the books, nobody will ever know
  8. I’m not going to join the BDA what has it ever done for me?
  9. I always run on time
  10. There’s no need for all this staff induction nonsense.
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