BOC 2017 gives platform to ‘academic rising stars’

For the first time, the British Orthodontic Conference is giving a platform to three academic rising stars who will share their current research projects at BOC 2017.

Richard Jones, conference chairman said: ‘It’s the 30th British Orthodontic Conference this year and with a theme of Back to the Future, we decided to identify orthodontists whose work may well underpin the clinical practice of orthodontics in the future.’

The three academics, all currently progressing from the role of clinician to researcher, will share their findings on a diverse range of topics:

  • new technology for facial analysis
  • young people’s attitudes to fixed orthodontic treatment
  • the importance of self-reflection and whether it can be taught

PhD student Jennifer Galloway will discuss a revolutionary new technique which enables the analysis of the differences between faces in a way that is far more meaningful than methods used previously. This knowledge of facial development will be a highly useful tool in orthodontics.

Academic clinical lecturer, Julie Williams, will discuss her research work among students at Bristol University and whether it’s possible to measure a person’s ability to self-reflect and respond with insight.  She will discuss if these skills change with time, if they are associated with other important areas such as wellbeing and if so how we can nurture these skills whilst training healthcare professionals.

Sarah Bell will explore young people’s perspective of fixed orthodontic treatment through her recent study of patients, aged 10-15 years.  The findings will provide clinicians with greater insights into the experiences of young people.

Sue Cunningham, Director for Education at BOS, said: ‘We are delighted to be highlighting the work of these three rising stars in the world of clinical academia. It is wonderful to see the younger academics presenting their work in a forum such as BOC.’

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