Snoring and bad breath most common ailments UK couples put up with

snoringSnoring and bad breath are two of the most common ailments UK couples refuse to seek medical help for.

According to a new survey by, 18% of UK adults suffer from bad breath while only 20% of those choose to seek out treatment for it.

There are also an estimated 14.66 million snorers (84% of sufferers) in the UK who have refused to look for treatment, and 29% of Brits claim they get a poor nights sleep due to their partner’s snoring.


‘Talking about bodily issues or health problems is never easy and it’s often even harder to talk about a partner’s,’ Hitesh Dodhia, superintendent pharmacist at, said.

‘However, a huge number of couples in the UK are placing a strain on their relationships because they are leaving common – but potentially irritating – issues unseen.

‘What’s more, these seemingly innocuous ailments can actually develop into far more serious conditions, so Brits must ensure they seek professional medical help for their health problems, both for their sake and their partner’s.’

The top five ailments that British couples claim to put up with are:

  • Snoring – a problem for 34% of Brits and left untreated by 84% of sufferers
  • Smelly feet – a problem for 27% of Brits and left untreated by 61% of sufferers
  • Flatulence – a problem for 27% of Brits and left untreated by 41% of sufferers
  • Erectile dysfunction – a problem for 20% of men in the UK and left untreated by 53% of sufferers
  • Bad breath – a problem for 18% of Brits and left untreated by 80% of sufferers.


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