Increasing clinical confidence

Dr Graham Gardner says The Invisible Orthodontist provides a valuable support system for like-minded orthodontists

Designed entirely by orthodontists, for orthodontists, The Invisible Orthodontist (TIO) is a unique consultancy programme that strives to help specialist practices across the UK grow their business and clinical skills.

Indeed, TIO’s mission is to help its members become the Invisalign expert in their area, by giving them the marketing and clinical support needed to reach and treat a wider audience.

Part of this support is TIO’s unparalleled mentoring and clinical education programme, which has been specifically designed to give members the support they need to not only improve their skills and expand their expertise, but also increase their confidence with the Invisalign system.

Support system

Dr Graham Gardner, TIO’s clinical lead and principal orthodontist at Graham Gardner Orthodontics in Winchester, says, ‘TIO really puts an emphasis on support. We make sure that all our members, particularly those who have just joined us, can easily contact our senior and more experienced orthodontists, to go through any issues or queries’.

‘Importantly, we try to encourage our new members to begin seeing Invisalign as a flexible and effective tool, through which they can begin to build their business. We ensure that all members have the chance to discuss the pros and cons of using Invisalign with our senior team, including myself and Grant Duncan (TIO Founder), so that they can eventually become more confident in using the Invisalign appliance for a wider range of cases’.

‘We also offer a monthly webinar series that I oversee. These are held once a month, normally for an hour in the evening and all members are welcome to attend. We always include a clinical presentation, in which two or three cases are showcased and discussed, and we always endeavour to cover a wide range of topics, from clinical matters to practice management, so as to be inclusive of the whole orthodontic team. Indeed, the topics we discuss are as wide and diverse as orthodontics itself’.

‘There is also a peer-review element to the webinars, where members can present a case that the group can follow through over the course of the treatment. This presents an incredibly important opportunity for all of us to learn from one another, and is crucial to our own clinical governance’.

‘Throughout the webinars we have the added advantage of being able to liaise with our Australian and New Zealand TIO colleagues, which means our members gain a truly worldwide experience; interacting with their peers and improving their clinical knowledge and expertise.’

Learning from others

TIO also offers a forum to all of its members. These forums are very active and Graham himself often posts in the conversations. He says, ‘There is usually someone posting something on a weekly basis, which means there is a great deal of interaction from orthodontists around the world. It’s an ongoing learning curve, and we are able to share our experiences freely with our like-minded colleagues – which is one of the great advantages of belonging to TIO.’

TIO also runs a yearly conference, featuring invited experts from around the world, building upon the ongoing education that the group offers to all of its members and their teams – and providing them with a platform from which they can develop their peer-to-peer network with their worldwide colleagues.

For more information about joining The Invisible Orthodontist group, visit or contact Jane Wilkinson on 07703 822 622

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