Dummies’ guide to: landing pages

Chris Baker explains the process of directing patients to the most appropriate sections on your practice website.

A landing page is a single web page that appears in response to clicking on a search engine optimised search result or an online advertisement. The landing page will usually display written content that is a logical extension of the ad, search result or link. The goal of a landing page is to convert website visitors into sales or leads.

An effective landing page will make a world of difference to the response rate of any online marketing and content you put up. As a dental practice, you can’t expect visitors to pay for your service online. However, what you can do is encourage them to book an appointment or at the very least, capture their email data for use in email campaigns with the hope of them becoming a patient in future. How might this work?

Facebook advertising

Facebook ads work tremendously well for specific events and offers. However, what makes all the difference to response rates is where the link that they click in the ad takes them.

You may be thinking, to my website, obviously. Possibly, but it is important that they don’t go to the homepage or a generic contact page. They need to see a title and text that is closely related to the ad that they just clicked upon – eg, free consultation with our treatment coordinator.


If your ad has run along the lines of ‘Family dentist in Lincoln offering the latest in modern dentistry’, the person clicking through is going to want to see something very quickly that backs up that claim. That is why your homepage is unlikely to cut it for all the ads that you are running. You will need a series of pages that may look like your website, but have a very simple message and a call to action.

These people haven’t found you by in-depth research about you – they have responded to a specific message in an ad. They want to see the reason they clicked right in front of them when they click through.

Social media posts

Make your posts treatment specific and ensure that you direct them to a page that will answer their questions. If you are not running a promotion, you still need to leave an email contact form where they will gain further information on say, dental implants, in exchange for their email address. You are building an email database of interested prospects. 

Put together some treatment guides that can then be exchanged for an email address. These should be well designed in keeping with your practice brand and the information should be simple, straightforward and in everyday English (no talking about osseointegration!).


Work with your web designers on a common theme that you can use across all your landing pages for a certain amount of time. Then you should only need to change text and images for each page, which shouldn’t cost the earth.

Remember – put yourself in a potential ‘clicker’s’ shoes. What would they want to see?

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