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invisalignAdvances in the Invisalign system now enable dental practitioners to offer their patients one-week aligner wear instead of previously recommended two-week changes, allowing shorter treatment time.

This means that straighter teeth can now be achieved in as little as three months*.

The Invisalign system is designed for straightening teeth with a series of virtually invisible, clear plastic aligners that are custom-made for each patient.

The discretion and effectiveness of the system has made it highly desirable, appealing to millions of patients who have been successfully treated with Invisalign treatment*. 

Until now, the custom-made aligners were always recommended to be changed every two weeks to incrementally move patients’ teeth towards their new position.

However, recent technological advancement now allows Align Technology to recommend one-week aligner wear, provided their case is deemed suitable by their provider.

This switch from two to one-week wear is the result of 15 years of perpetual product innovation, which has culminated in the combined use of new materials, features and technology.

Because of this, weekly aligner changes may reduce treatment time up to 50% compared with two-week changes, which means patients who are deemed suitable for one week aligners, depending on their treatment option – Invisalign Lite and/or Invisalign Go – could see their treatment through to completion in as little as three months*.

Straighter teeth in as little as three months*

This means, that for people looking to make a change in the appearance of their teeth before a wedding or another milestone event, it may be possible to see straighter teeth and make it in time for the big day.

First steps would be to consult their Invisalign provider who would prescribe the most suitable treatment option, as well as advise on the time required for their treatment.

Raphael Pascaud, Align Technology’s CMO, explains the rationale for one-week wear: ‘Patients want shorter treatment times and doctors want more efficient treatments.

‘Significant improvements in Invisalign product predictability over the last few years, resulting from our proprietary aligner materials, features and technology along with the positive experiences shared by Invisalign providers who prescribe one-week aligner wear give us confidence that many patients using Invisalign products will benefit from weekly aligner changes and shorter overall treatment times.’

Dr Raman Aulakh, orthodontic specialist and an Invisalign provider, agrees: ‘The improvement in the control of tooth movement, especially with new aligner materials that provide gentle constant force, has allowed me to recommend changing aligners weekly with a broad range of patients, even those with complex and challenging cases, and achieve the same clinical outcomes as when changing aligners every two weeks.

‘This, as one can imagine, has greatly benefited my patients who cannot wait to see their new smile.’

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