CQC announces a drop in fees for dental practices

CQCCQC fees for dental practices will drop £113 for a single-location practice with four chairs to £837 a year.

Many other sectors the Care Quality Commission (CQC) regulates are seeing their fees rise as the regulator moves away from government funding and more towards a structure where health providers cover more of their own costs through their fees.

The CQC claims it is making savings throughout the organisation, moving from a budget of £249 million in 2015/16 to £217 million in 2019/20.

‘The public are entitled to health and care, which is safe, effective, high-quality and compassionate,’ David Behan, chief executive of the Care Quality Commission, said.

‘All providers of health and care must be registered in order to provide services.

‘CQC provides the public with independent assurance that services are operating in their interests.

‘The fee paid by providers is the charge for being registered with CQC.’

CQC fees

The amounts providers will pay for regulation will depend on the type of health or social care they offer and how close their sector is to meeting the chargeable cost of their regulation in full.

Some of the changes in fees include:

  • £163 increase for a care home with 26-30 residents to £4,375 a year
  • £823 increase for a single-location community social care provider (such as a home-care agency) to £2,192 a year
  • £65,375 increase for a NHS trust with an income of £125 million to £225 million to £202,239 a year
  • £1,952 increase for a single-location GP practice with 5,001-10,000 patients to £4,526 a year
  • £113 decrease for a single-location dental practice with four chairs to £837 a year.
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