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Align Technology will be showcasing the benefits of using the Itero system and previewing its latest features at the International Dental Show (IDS).

Intra-oral scanners have become an integral part of any contemporary dental clinic, as the reduced need for physical impressions ensures a higher level of treatment precision and patient comfort.

Align Technology’s Itero Element intra-oral scanner allows for unparalleled accuracy and a streamlined workflow, delivering a secure fit and high clinical outcome of prosthetic procedures without any complicated wand hovering.

In addition to exclusive integration and enhancements of all Invisalign pre-restorative, aesthetic and functional tooth straightening appliances, the scanner is an essential and state-of-the-art piece of equipment for other forms of restorative and orthodontic treatment.

What’s new?

At this year’s IDS, Align Technology is launching new features to make the Itero Element intra-oral scanner even more efficient and widely accessible to specialists and general practitioners alike.

Among these new features is the Itero Timelapse tool, which allows comparison of past and current scans for each patient, thereby building upon patient entity and engagement.

Ideal for use during hygiene appointments, this process involves scanning each patient using open-source Irecord scans and using the comparison tool on the interface to check for changes in hard and soft tissue: signs of tooth wear and movement and gingival recession.

To help the dentist see changes in an animated manner, motion magnification, a visual tool to support general dentists in diagnosing the need for corrective treatment (through Invisalign or other functional appliances) or restorative treatment, is activated when certain areas are viewed.

Precision, accuracy and utility

Using parallel confocal imaging technology with optimal stitching, Itero provides a platform to access invaluable digital diagnosis and treatment tools, allowing for the potential of enhanced accuracy of records, treatment efficiency and overall patient experience.

This 3D scanner uses an open-architecture system and is suitable for obtaining models for milling restorative units such as crowns, bridges and veneers and numerous other options.

Additionally, it offers customisable implant workflows for Straumann, Atlantis (Dentsply Sirona), Nobelprocera (Nobel Biocare) and Elos Medtech.

The Itero Element intra-oral scanner’s intuitive design offers an abundance of comprehensive clinical solutions.

Once Itero scans are cleaned and margin lines are recommended, they are reviewed by a laboratory and then either imported into CAD/CAM software or ordered as milled models.

Itero milled models are of uniformly high quality, and laboratories can save time on training staff to clean and model the scans, improving the overall workflow efficiency.

The superior qualitative scan technology of Itero allows for full-arch prosthetic restorations.

Each prepared tooth can be scanned individually and viewed in real time in 3D, allowing removal of retraction materials shortly before each scan to prevent any image interference from excess moisture or bleeding.

The unique viewfinder on Itero’s high-definition 19 inch/24 cm touchscreen displays exactly what the camera is seeing alongside the model of what has been scanned, giving dentists the new capability to clearly inspect the posterior and most distal areas of the mouth.

Patient comfort and communication

The scanner’s angled wand design means that it can reach all parts of the mouth with ease, and the softness of the disposable silicone sleeve maximises the comfort of patients with sensitive gingiva.

The high-definition visualisation tools, Invisalign Outcome Simulator, Itero Time Lapse and the occlusal clearance tool, assist in clarifying what may be a confusing process for some patients and encourages communication with regard to treatment planning and desired outcomes.

Itero and Invisalign: an unbeatable team

The new features, which will be available to explore at IDS, provide even further enhancements to the Invisalign experience.

Align’s Invisalign Go product, for pre-restorative and aesthetic tooth movement, has a fully integrated system on the Itero Element, which will also be demonstrated publicly for the first time.

Through its Case Assessment Tool, the Itero Element expedites the decision of whether Invisalign Go should be used to treat a case, after which the Invisalign Go Outcome Simulator is shown to the patient, thereby engaging the patient in their treatment outcome.

An improved Progress Assessment Tool, designed for tracking both teeth movement and the treatment’s ongoing success, will also be introduced at IDS.

Complicated cases can be referred to an orthodontist directly from the scanner with the referral tool.

These features combine to make the use of Invisalign Go and Itero a simplified, safe and efficient treatment option, which gives patients a better clinical experience.

Align with Itero at IDS

Align Technology would like to warmly invite dental professional to visit the company’s booth at the 2017 IDS.

There, they will be able to engage with the Itero scanner first-hand and have the opportunity to attend the wide range of lectures on offer by opinion leaders across Europe.

The innovation behind four million Invisalign smiles will be on full display at IDS at booth E010, F029 in Hall 2.2.

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