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Implantium, the distributor for the full range of Dentium Implants, introduces its implants.

Five product ranges offer a solution for all dental implant requirements. Colour coded across all ranges through the implant packaging and surgical kits, offering simplicity and ease of placement and restoration.

Superline and Implantium

The most popular two ranges offer a straight (Implantium) or tapered (Superline) implant that have platform switching across the two ranges. An internal hex with an internal taper of 11 degrees, providing a biological connection that ensures even load distribution, minimises micromovement and marginal bone loss. Platform sizes range from 3.7mm to 7.0mm, lengths from 5.5mm to 14mm. A short implant is available within this range.

NR Line

Designed for the narrow ridge, from  3.2mm to 3.6mm, platform for the European market with a body diameter of 3.1mm to 3.6 mm. A square internal fixation with a 10 degree taper, this implant can be used at bone or tissue level.



A tissue level straight implant with an internal octagon design and an eight degree taper. Screw loosening is well-prevented due to the cold welding mechanism for solid abutment application.



A single body implant. Body diameter from 2.3mm. Can be a ball type for over dentures or fixture type (external fixation).

For further information on any of the systems, get in touch with our friendly team on 0845 017 6262 or take a look at our website www.implantium.co.uk.

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