Six Month Smiles introduces digital treatment planning

Jaswinder Gill describes his first experience with Confidex, launched recently by Six Month Smiles.

Since Confidex Predictable Digital Treatment Planning was been launched by Six Month Smiles on 1 November, I have been quite excited and have been itching to use it.

So, last week my first digital treatment plan arrived. It took a turnaround time of five business days after they received my impressions, but they are now also accepting stl files, which they receive immediately.

I was notified via email that my digital treatment plan was ready for my approval on the Six Month Smiles Case Submission Portal, and I could review this by logging into the Provider Resource Centre. A convenient link was also provided.

My patient was booked in. She was initially seen for a consultation and was equally as excited as myself to see the final position of her teeth before the treatment had even started.

As soon as she saw the video simulation, her exact words were, ‘Oh my god, that’s just amazing, I can’t believe it!’

At that second I realized that this was a treatment that you don’t have to sell to the patient anymore, you create value in the treatment for the patient to visualise and the patient wants to buy in.

The patient confirmed my thoughts when she asked me, ‘what’s the next step?’, it really was that easy!

The next step

I then progressed by showing her the video simulation again, by focusing on each angle, as it shows both occlusal shots, the anterior, the right lateral and the left lateral, and we discussed the tooth movement and I made sure that she was happy with the end result.

Next I took things into a bit more detail by showing her the treatment plan that is created by orthodontists. This particular patient had spacing in the upper arch, and the video simulation helped her to understand that some IPR was required in the lower arch, to provide room to close the spacing in the upper arch. The treatment plan shows where, when and how much IPR needs to be carried out. The patient completely understood this as she could see the treatment unfolding in front of her. It is so much easier when the patient understands the treatment plan as it makes the treatment much easier to execute.

She could understand why canine bite guards were needed and why in this case posterior box elastics were required to reduce that deep overbite. I could see that the treatment was going to run very smoothly here.

This is when I understood that not only is this a great tool to create value in the treatment for the patient but Confidex is also a great tool to help GDPs in communicating the treatment to the patient.

Once we were both happy with everything, the ‘Approve’ icon was clicked on the Case Submission Portal.

All the necessary paperwork was completed and the patient was booked in to have her braces put on.

What I liked most of all was that for the first time the patient knew exactly how her treatment was going to pan out over the next six months, Confidex even gave us an estimated treatment time! It doesn’t get an easier than this. Confidex just gave my patient more confidence in Six Month Smiles.

This treatment was carried out by Jaswinder Gill at Moonlight Braces Centre, we go the extra mile, to give you your perfect smile.

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