Use a Mac or a PC for X-rays in your practice

PSPixFinally, Chiral Systems offers you the possibility of fully integrating a Mac and a PC into your practice.

Chiral Systems is pleased to announce a unique level of integration with Acteon’s latest technology, the new Pspix, which is as much as three times smaller than other imaging plate scanners, making it the most compact system on the market.

The Pspix is an intuitive and elegant personal imagining plate scanner – one of the first of its kind. With Pspix you can receive your images immediately, without waiting for another user.

Fully integrated

This collaboration is very powerful because it solves a long-standing problem for dentists: the lack of an X-ray system that is cross-platform (runs natively on a Mac and PC), which could be fully integrated into a practice management system.

Until this new innovative integration between Chiral Systems and the Pspix, if dentists wished to use Mac machines in their surgeries, they had to run parallels on their Macs or even install Windows on them, as most X-ray systems and practice management systems run only on Windows.

With both technologies being completely cross platform, the collaboration between Acteon and Chiral offers a truly integrative system that is increasing workflow efficiency and gives real flexibility and choice to dental teams when it comes to the computers and devices they wish to use in their practices. With this new solution, dentists can have a Mac in the reception area and a PC in the surgery or vice-versa. The link works just as well on both.


Another aspect that dentists would be encouraged by is how affordable this solution is. Despite the huge benefits, both products, the X-ray system and the practice management system, are very reasonably priced, thus allowing for immediate implementation and short-term return on investment.

To prove it, Chiral Systems has designed a cost centre report, with visual information, that is fully customisable, where practices can monitor the revenue they are generating from their X-rays or any other type of treatment.

Chiral Systems is an award winning, fully-fledged practice management system that endeavours to monitor and handle all aspects of running a dental practice in the most user friendly, efficient and compliant way. It is becoming the software of choice for more and more dental practices, due to its cutting edge technology that enhances the way dentists work and the personal customer support, delivered by a highly enthusiastic and committed team.

To encourage the take up of this technology, Chiral Systems are offering a significant discount to all Pspix users.

Find out how you could be saving over £3,000 by installing Chiral Systems here.

Please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team on 020 7 0999 126 or at [email protected] for more information.

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