Gary Dorman and the golden rules of clear aligner therapy

Gary Dorman explains his experience using In-Line aligners and invites you to attend his talk at The Dentistry Show.

Gary before In-Line treatment
Gary before In-Line treatment

I first discovered In-Line in 2007 and decided to try the system myself to see if it was something I wanted to use in my practice to treat patients.

The aligners were so comfortable and none of my patients even knew I was wearing them.

My treatment lasted 10 months.

I aligned my upper and lower front six teeth and also pushed out my premolars to get the desired result I was looking for.

Gary after In-Line treatment
Gary after In-Line treatment

Since then I have treated more than 80 patients with In-Line.

The treatment has been 100% successful in every case and only two cases have required minor refinement.

Come to my talk and find out about the ‘Golden rules of successful clear aligner therapy’ at 2.35pm on Friday 22 April in the Short Term Ortho Lounge at The Dentistry Show 2016.

Alternatively, visit In-Line on stand E35,

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