Upskilling with a diploma in orthodontic science

shutterstock_164476886The medical devices sector has become increasingly complex. This means that sales personnel need to be trained to become highly specialised and skilled at mastering the intricacies of therapeutic technologies.  

In order to ensure that its training is of the highest calibre Align Technology has created a formal, externally accredited qualification for its sales professionals to certify them with the diploma in orthodontic science. This is accredited by EduQual and maps to the European Qualifications Framework.  The programme standardises and benchmarks the competency of Align Technology’s sales professionals.

The diploma provides a comprehensive understanding of orthodontic science and related technologies giving its sales professionals a depth of understanding, as well as significant expertise to engage with dental professionals. It also provides them with a comprehensive understanding of the Invisalign system and the necessary skills to understand the complexities of running an efficient and effective dental practice.

All Align Technology sales professionals are required to achieve the diploma (which takes around six to twelve months to complete) to demonstrate their clinical and technical competency as well as their sales acumen. The blended learning programme is delivered in a number of ways including distance learning modules for presenting and reinforcing the fundamental concepts of orthodontics; facilitated sessions provide forums for analysis and interpretation; simulated sales activities assess the learner’s ability to apply their knowledge and skills. Testing and assessment is robust and rigorous.

One Invisalign territory manager’s experience

One recent recipient of the Diploma is Carole Lafarge, who joined Align Technology seven years ago, was asked to explain what this entailed:

‘As a territory manager we have no formal dental qualifications, we are not medical professionals in the eyes of our customers, however it is fundamental to our work with dental professionals that we really understand and address clinical issues with them. This gives us credibility with our customers. We represent Align Technology and showcase the Invisalign system and must do so with an understanding of the clinical basis for its successful application.’

‘In addition to the constant clinical innovations the company launches and requires us to know about in meticulous detail, they help us to develop our business skills and our knowledge of orthodontics. Indeed, it is not enough to know the protocols of our technology; we are required to expand our general knowledge of orthodontics to a very high level.’

‘Align Technology is the first company in the orthodontics sector to develop an externally accredited professional diploma for its employees. It has a huge value to me because it is the recognition of my knowledge, my competency, my investment in my career and my continuous hard work. And it is not finished! A continuing professional development programme is in place to maintain and expand my skills and knowledge still further.”

‘I am proud to have achieved the diploma and I am well aware that Align Technology has invested so much in my future. I had never seen this level of in-depth training in any of my previous professional experiences. This training allows us to strengthen our credibility with the orthodontists with whom we work and that is very important. Without credibility, we cannot establish a relationship of trust and properly respond to customer needs.’

For more information please ask your Invisalign sales professional about their development journey and the diploma in orthodontic science or visit to find out more about how the Invisalign system can benefit your patients and you.

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