Dentistry Fees Survey results – examination rates

Dental reveals the national and regional average fees for private routine examinations and hygienist hourly rates, in the Dentistry Fees Survey.

At the end of 2015,, in association with Practice Plan, surveyed the nation’s dental care professionals to gain insights into similarities and differences in dental procedure fees across the country.

In January, we shared with you the average regional and national rates for units of dental activity (UDAs), putting the average UDA rate for England and Wales at £17.23.

In February, our data revealed the national average fee for fixed-appliance orthodontic treatment is £2,420 per arch, while the national average fee for short-term orthodontics was revealed to be £2,285 per arch. We also revealed the UK dental profession’s preferred brand of short-term orthodontics as Invisalign, which is used by 38% of those surveyed.

Examinations and hygiene

Untitled-1Now is revealing the average national and regional rates charged for private routine examinations and hygienist rates by the hour.

A survey in 2011 by put the average price of a routine dental examination at £35, with prices varying from £13 at the least expensive to £125 at the most expensive.

However, our up-to-date research puts the national average private routine examination fee at £40. The region with the highest fee amongst responders was London and south east England, where a private routine examination costs £46 on average – 15% higher than the national average.

What’s more, Scotland was revealed as the region offering the lowest routine private examination rate amongst responders, where the average price came in at just £33, or 17.5% cheaper than the national average.

The hourly rate charged for hygienist visits varied more wildly across regions. The national average hourly rate for a hygiene visit came in at £91 per 60-minute session, but regional rates varied from £73 per hour in Northern Ireland (20% less expensive than the national average), to £106 in both south west England, and London and south east England (16% more expensive than the national average). Most other UK regions were not largely disparate from the national average of £91.

Evaluating hourly rates

Untitled-2Hygienists and therapists are the first line of defence for oral healthcare and disease prevention, and the role of the hygienist is becoming ever more valued and important in the eyes of patients.

As such, private practices may be thinking of re-evaluating their hygienists’ hourly rates, and extending the length of hygienist appointment availibility to keep up with patient demand, and considering the costs associated with this.

These data provide a useful tool for practices when considering fee setting – allowing you the opportunity to compare your rates with practices in your region, thereby remaining competitively priced to meet patient needs in your area.

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