BDA tells Welsh government ‘NHS will struggle’

The BDA has warned the Welsh government of underfunding in the NHS

The Welsh government has agreed to increase dentists’ pay by 1.1%, in line with the PRB and DDRB recommendations.

The Review Body on Doctors’ and Dentists’ Remuneration (DDRB) and the NHS Pay Review Body (PRB) are independent bodies that make recommendations on the remuneration of doctors and dentists, taking any part in the NHS, to the Government.

For 2016/17 the bodies recommended that the government increase NHS contracts by 1.1%.

‘This meagre increase does nothing to arrest the long-term decline in GDPs’ real incomes, which continues to jeopardise investment across the service,’ Katrina Clarke, chair of the BDA Wales General Dental Practice Committee, said.

‘The fact the Welsh government has agreed to DDRB recommendations in full offers few crumbs of comfort.

‘Our GDPs are subsidising an underfunded service.

‘We have to meet ever increasing patient expectations when it comes to care, equipment, and training, but we have to pay for it out of our own pockets.

‘NHS dentistry will struggle as long as the Welsh Government remains unwilling to deliver on either fair funding or fair pay.’

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