I couldn’t imagine working with any other PM system, so I didn’t

shutterstock_144113662Nikki Jones, practice manager at Serenity Dental, explains why she chose Exact from Software of Excellence.

I first started using Exact in its early days at a previous practice and I loved it. I found it very easy to use and such a time-saver. I couldn’t ever imagine working with any other system, and when I moved to my current practice my fears were realised.

Joining Serenity Dental was a fantastic move for me in lots of ways, in fact the only downside was the fact that the practice didn’t use Exact. There was a computerised practice management system in place, but in comparison with the positive experiences I had enjoyed with Exact, the software was unintuitive and I found it difficult to adapt it to the tasks I needed it to do – tasks I knew Exact could perform with ease.

Improving efficiency

Knowing that Exact would vastly improve the practice’s efficiency I decided to suggest to the principal that we arrange a demonstration from Software of Excellence to show the team what Exact could do to improve our working processes, and luckily he agreed.

It had been a while since I had last used Exact, so I was even more impressed when I saw the major improvements that had been made. We were shown Exact’s capabilities, such as the reporting, diary scheduling and automated recalls, to name but a few, all features that our old system did not have. Exact did everything we needed it to do, and more, and the system sold itself. So thankfully, at the end of last year we converted to Exact and we haven’t looked back.

Exciting features

There are so many exciting features in Exact, all of which have real benefits for practices. The automated short notice cancellation list, for example, is amazing. Previously if patients cancelled at the last minute we found hygienist appointments in particular hardest to fill. Now, the software automatically sends a text or email to those on our short notice list and immediately fills any gap. Our hygienist is virtually fully booked and the system works just as efficiently for our dentists as well.

We have also recently started using Clinipad and our patients have really taken to this new technology. We have two iPads in reception and ask patients to use them to update their medical history, which is then automatically uploaded straight into their patient file in Exact. This kind of integrated approach makes a huge difference to the paperwork and administration we need to do in reception and streamlines the whole process, as well as showing our patients we are up-to-date with new technology. We hope to soon be using Clinipad for treatment planning estimates, and even to carry out patient surveys.


The support we get from Software of Excellence has been superb. It is now really easy to get through to the support team and they are always very helpful. They can even remotely access our system to sort out any problems should it be necessary.

I would 100% recommend Exact and Software of Excellence to any other practice. Exact is so user-friendly and makes my working day so much easier. And as I said at the beginning – I can’t imagine working with any other system. I love it!

For more information visit softwareofexcellence.com/uk.

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