The new alternative in clear aligners

23Dr Richard Brown gives his thoughts on the Nuvola orthodontic aligners from GEO.

Nuvola – the new alternative in clear aligners allow my patients to undergo orthodontic treatment with discretion and confidence. Whilst fixed orthodontics are becoming more and more common, even for adult patients, some patients still do not want to shout to the world that they are straightening their teeth. Having tried a number of the market leading orthodontic systems, Nuvola is my preferred system due to the efficiency of the product, the quality of the materials and the ease of communication with the laboratory.

What is Nuvola?

Nuvola is a series of clear aligners designed to help guide teeth into their proper position. Nuvola does not require the use of wires or metal brackets.

With Nuvola – the new alternative in clear aligners – you can correct all types of overcrowding from simple to moderate and severe. Nuvola can be used to close interdental spaces or create useful space, for example, to insert implants.

From personal experience, case selection is vital. The elements to consider are patient expectation levels and complexity of the movements. As with all aspects of professional development it is best to start with simple cases and work up as your experience grows. GEO’s excellent technical staff can advise you as to how difficult movements may be in the mouth and as to whether a case is easy, moderate or severe.

Each Nuvola clear aligner moves the teeth with light forces until the ideal position is achieved and with minimal need for attachments. Due to the rigidity and quality of the aligner material, I have found my need for attachments vastly reduced. It has been a pleasure to use the Nuvola system with its genuine lack of need for attachments.

Why choose Nuvola?

Nuvola enables you to increase your options for treatment offered ‘in house’. Nuvola 3D planning allows the general dental practitioner to treat simple orthodontic cases at their own practice without referring this work elsewhere. The result can provide both extra income and prestige for your practice.

With Nuvola you can give your patients a downloadable digital video clip of how their treatment will look from start to finish. Included with every Nuvola treatment is a 3D preview of how the patient’s teeth look now, will look at each stage of the treatment and will look at the end. For a patient having doubts about the aligner treatment this preview can be a great tool in facilitating the uptake of more treatments.

Nuvola is an efficient system centred on online case management. You can manage all your cases online with your personal account Nuvolaweb. Through this portal you can upload photos, request changes, explain problems and log all your cases along with their progress. It is simple and intuitive.

I’ve found that using Nuvola reduces chair time, which saves you time and money. Aligner reviews should be carried out as regularly as you would review any orthodontic patient (six-10 weeks) to ensure fit and compliance are good. The review appointments are five-minute checks if the patient is wearing their braces well. If they are not reaching the 20-24 hour per day target, the reviews can be used to spot this as early as possible and help instruct patients accordingly. By being confident in the Nuvola system and enthusiastic about the patient’s progress, I have found it easy to motivate patients undergoing this treatment.

A critical point is that online communication with the laboratory is excellent, direct, quick and professional. All requests are dealt with within 24 hours and compared to other systems I have had almost no need to contact the lab mid treatment. These aligners simply work!

Nuvolaview treatment plan uses 3D scanning software and provides a valuable method of showing the patient the possible end result prior to starting treatment. Patients love seeing how their teeth will look after their treatment. Due to the precision of the aligner system and its efficiency, predicted treatment times are usually correct. This is not the case with all aligner systems and has been a genuine revolution in my experiences with aligners.

All in all, Nuvola aligners have been one of the best additions to my practising repertoire. I can recommend them to patients with confidence and enthusiasm. The 3D models, the online interface and the experience of the laboratory staff make the process of providing aligners simple and rewarding. All cases are taken to and from the laboratory by a DHL courier to ensure security of the records and expedience of progress. I have had impressions collected on Friday and received notification that they are at the laboratory on Saturday morning. Nuvola has expanded my options for orthodontic treatment and allowed me to treat patients who decline traditional orthodontics with confidence.

To find out more about the Nuvola aligner, please call 01825 714601, email [email protected] or visit

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