Evlynne Gilvarry says a reduction in the ARF is possible

Evlynne Gilvarry
Evlynne Gilvarry says there’s every possibility for an ARF reduction in 2017

Evlynne Gilvarry has announced that a reduction in the annual retention fee (ARF) for 2017 could be possible.

In an exclusive interview for Dentistry magazine, Evlynne Gilvarry said that the savings the General Dental Council (GDC) has made over the last few years and the introduction of case examiners could lead to the dental regulator replenishing its cash reserves, leading to a saving being passed onto the dental profession.

When asked whether the introduction of case examiners would mean cost savings for the GDC and whether these savings would be passed onto the profession in the form of an ARF reduction, Evlynne Gilvarry responded by saying ‘Absolutely’.

‘What I can say for absolute certainty is that case examiners will save us significant sums of money,’ Evlynne Gilvarry, chief executive of the GDC, said.

‘We know that in a full year of operation case examiners will save us up to £2million.

‘The legislation will come into effect in April, by the time case examiners are recruited, trained, they’ll start in September.

‘At the same time we need to build our cash reserves a bit.

‘One has to be cautious because things can develop in regulation but I know that the intention of this organisation is to become ever more efficient using legislative change and other factors.

‘This is an organisation that realises that the cost of regulation is significant and we have a responsibility to make sure that the cost is no greater than it needs to be and that if there’s a possibility for it to come down, that’s our responsibility to bring it down.

‘It would certainly be the organisations aim to look to see how the cost of regulation could be reduced.

‘We regard that as our responsibility.’

Read the whole interview in the January edition of Dentistry magazine.

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