BDA warns not to leave oral health off health agenda

The BDA has urged the Government to keep oral health at the heart of any health plans

The BDA has reminded the Government that oral health should be at the heart of any health planning.

This has come after the Department of Health held a consultation on ‘Setting the mandate to NHS England for 2016 to 2017’, which helps set the Government’s objectives for NHS England.

‘As work continues to implement NHS England’s Five Year View, oral health cannot be left off the health agenda,’ British Dental Association (BDA) chair, Mick Armstrong, said.

‘Dentistry can and should be a significant part of the debate about prevention, around supporting individuals to manage their own health, over new models of care and the development of NHS commissioning.

‘Whenever it is left out, patients and taxpayers end up paying the price.

‘With austerity continuing to bite and morale of NHS dentists on the floor, serious action is now needed.

‘Success will require a strategic framework agreed and implemented by the Government in real partnership with the profession.’

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