Morale in dentistry is ‘dangerously’ low

Morale in dentistry is dangerously low according to a new survey

Dentists’ morale is dangerously low with Northern Irish dentists faring the worst, according to a new survey from the HSCIC.

The HSCIC Dental Working Hours, 2012/13 and 2013/14 Motivation Analysis found low levels of morale amongst dentists throughout the UK but those based in Northern Ireland were the most concerned with their working conditions.

‘These figures are shocking but unfortunately they come as no surprise to those working in the dental profession,’ chair of the BDA’s Northern Ireland Dental Practice Committee, Peter Crooks, said.

‘They echo findings from the BDA’s own research, which found that low morale and motivation was linked to heavy workloads, excessive administration, increasing bureaucracy, regulatory burdens and rising expenses. 

‘The BDA believes this is an escalating situation that requires action now.

‘Dentists work hard to deliver high quality care to their patients but it must not be at the cost of burn-out for dentists.

‘The Government must recognise the heavy demands placed upon general dental practitioners and start addressing the causes of poor morale – it’s vital for the good of everyone’s health.’

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