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shutterstock_139925989Like many industries making sure your customers are happy is the key to making your business a success. Providing great customer service is vital to ensure your practice is always full of patients and a new phone system from Pioneer Business Systems can help you achieve this.

Software within your phone system can help improve your customer service and make sure you never miss any potential patients. But how can your phone system improve your practice?

CTI (computer telephony integration)

In a patient based industry you will no doubt keep your customer records on some form of database – CTI integrates this with your phone system.

When a customer calls into your practice their customer record can automatically come up on your computer screen so you can see who is calling and any notes/records you hold even before you pick up the phone.

Call reporting

Are you aware who answers the phone the most in your practice? Is it your receptionist, or the office manager? What are your peak call periods? How many calls are you receiving daily, weekly? Which day is the busiest? How many missed calls do you have?

Call reporting answers all of these questions and more.

Call recording  

Having the functionality to record every incoming and outgoing telephone call from your practice means you have a number of benefits available to you.

Not only can you increase quality but also customer service by making sure patient details are correct first time. You can also use the function for staff training.

Our system is fully PCI compliant, so if you take any transactions over the phone you have the functionality to pause the recording whilst this information is taken. Don’t fall foul of the legislation.

On-hold messaging

Dental practices are busy places and during peak periods many patients will be on-hold when they call you. Use this time to promote any offers or important information you need to relay to patients.


Voicemail is probably a feature you are most familiar with, but there have been huge advances that make voicemail far more useful to your business life.

The new features include email notifications, so you can receive voicemail messages within an email message. You can also redirect a caller using call forwarding if you would sooner have them speak to a colleague than leave you a message. Welcome messages are also a part of our voicemail service; these help you create a long lasting impression on any incoming call.

Support, service and after care

Your phone system is key to running your business successfully with both internal staff, patients and suppliers. You need a system that you can rely on, and if something does go wrong, a supportive, fast-reacting service is there to help you get you back to normal.

With Pioneer Business Systems you are in safe hands. Pioneer Business Systems answers customer calls on average within 15 seconds with most faults rectified remotely with major faults taking a maximum of 48 hours.

Pioneer Business Systems offers bespoke phone systems designed around your practice. See how customers using Pioneer Business Systems phone systems within their businesses feel, see these case studies:

For more information, call Pioneer Business Systems today on 0333 0143 010.

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