Centre for Dentistry launches a new dental academy

shutterstock_104969219Centre for Dentistry (CFD) has set up a dental academy. The academy is jointly run with Dental Excellence at Harewood House to ensure that CFD dentists are taught best practice across a whole range of treatments.

The first of five training modules on restorative dentistry was delivered in May and covered ‘Treatment planning and smile design’. Subsequent modules on this course will provide in-depth training on direct composites, indirect restorative, endodontics, and pain management and sedation. Further more advanced courses are then planned.

Dr Stuart Ray, clinical director of Centre for Dentistry and principal dentist at CFD’s Wakefield practice said: ‘I am so proud of being able to put this first course together with Harewood House; it enables likeminded dentists in CFD to meet and become the community that shares ideas and learns together and shapes the clinical side of the business. The course was excellent – really interactive and worthwhile. Just one of the many benefits of working with this forward thinking organisation.’

A collegiate-style environment

Lisa Riley, CEO at Centre for Dentistry said: ‘We regard the academy as an extremely important part of what CFD has to offer our dentists. Our aim at CFD is to build a collegiate-style environment that dentists will love to work in. We do everything we can to help dentists build a successful career at CFD that can lead to them co-owning their practice but without all the associated risks and distractions of doing it by themselves’.

Centre for Dentistry is a unique and growing organisation. For a start, you won’t find it on the high street. All of their current 26 practices can be found within Sainsbury’s supermarkets. Why? Because, with a large proportion of the population scared of visiting the dentist, they want to be seen as an approachable organisation. ‘Why not pop in and see us whilst you’re doing your shopping?’ they say.

And you won’t find their staff hiding in the practice either. They believe in getting out and talking to shoppers to tell them what friendly people dentists and their teams are.

CFD also understands the importance of the dentist and their team spending time with patients to build that trust relationship so essential in dentistry. CFD provides them with clean modern surgeries, the best equipment, first class materials and treatment systems, and access to specialisms, in the belief that if it recruits the best dentists, gives them the best tools and gives them the time to communicate with their patients, then the rest will follow. And it seems to be working.

Centre for Dentistry are currently recruiting dentists. If interested please contact [email protected].

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