Wasting your money for a pack of Digestives

shutterstock_3163890F2 Medical Supplies explains how you could save quite a bit on your expenses.

We would like to bring to the attention of how so many practices can lose control of their expenses as they leave others to do the ordering.

Shopping around has become something of a norm these days, as with so many areas of life we have become a comparing nation to save from house insurance to a new car. There are so many practices that don’t know what they pay for products, and that’s because finding out prices can be so difficult. Digging out invoices to check the price is very time consuming and can be like finding the metaphorical needle.

Why dont more suppliers print their prices instead of applying discounts of varying amounts, which makes finding out actual costs even more difficult?

Clear pricing

F2 Medical Supplies offers clear transparent pricing, so if you want to know what you’re paying check the brochure or website, a one minute exercise. So why do so many people not shop around with the purchases for their practices? Surely the only loyalty should be to keeping expenses down, not to the same rep who pops in with a pack of biscuits?

Most practice owners don’t have time to do the ordering, but steering the staff in the right direction so they know who offers the best deals has to be worth spending just a bit of time on.


The savings to be made can be very significant, a practice recently switched all their consumables to F2 Medical Supplies and cut their bill by over 40% from using its old ‘trusted’ supplier. Even a basic product like gloves, which everyone wants to save on, can be cut back on without compromising quality.

F2 Medical Supplies launched the UK’s best value nitrile glove last year, and it didn’t require practices to fill stock rooms, front rooms or sheds to get a good deal. With a price of £4.00 for 200 top quality nitrile gloves, F2 Medical Supplies offered great value to practices big and small.

If you had enough of paying over the odds and want to be sure of what prices you are actually paying, shop around. There are many suppliers who will save your business so much you will be able to keep that biscuit tin filled and still have change for a much deserved weekend away.

For more information please visit www.f2medicalsupplies.com.

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