Educated patients make loyal patients

MakemeclearMake Me Clear is a new treatment presentation software for dentists. With its easy to use user-face, it allows dentists to diagnose, prepare the treatments and educate the patient systematically and simply.

This software provides 3D images that allow dentists to visually explain complex procedures easily and includes simple universal explanations of each treatment. Each plan is branded with the logo of the practice. With a click of a mouse dentists can now produce stylish acceptance plans that patients will understand, making them feel trusted and valued. Make Me Clear is a great investment for dentists who want to relieve themselves from the stress of selling and be recognised as experts.

Visit to join the explorer group for the special offer of $199 a month. Only 50 places available. RRP $299/month.

For more information please contact Romilly Douglas, PR manager at Click Convert Sell on [email protected]

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