A simple, efficient and advanced implant system

Jdentalcare designs and develops implant systems that combine vanguard technology with simplicity of use and guarantee full efficacy in clinical treatment.

The Jdevolution line of implants is the product of Jdentalcare’s research to provide implant professionals with a simple, efficient and advanced system for each and every clinical indication.

Because of its exclusive design, Jdevolution is indicated for all clinical situations, particularly where the bone quantity or quality is low.

The ease with which it penetrates the bone, the possibility of continuously changing direction during insertion and its reduced drilling protocol make Jdevolution uniquely flexible.

Jdevolution offers: optimum primary stability even in compromised bone situations, great ease of insertion thanks to apical cutting blades, marginal hard and soft tissue stability thanks to its reverse coronal taper, its built-in platform switching and its stable and sealed connection, and simplicity of processes thanks to a single prosthetic connection for all implant diameters.

Evolution is the result of a process of innumerable tiny steps seeking ongoing improvement and maximum quality: Jdevolution is a fresh step forward.

The main features are:

  • A single prosthetic connection for all diameters, Ø 3.7, Ø 4.3, Ø 5.0, Ø 6.0
  • Dual system conical connection with an internal hexagon
  • Built-in platform switching
  • Complete choice of temporary and final abutments with healing abutments of various heights and emergence profiles
  • Simplicity of clinical processes
  • Reduced inventory and enhanced working flexibility
  • Excellent connection stability
  • Sealed connection, virtually eliminating implant-abutment microgap due to the specific connection design superior mechanical strength
  • Greater hard and soft tissue stability.

For more information please email [email protected], call 0208 9520 176 or 0783 4422 131 or visit www.jdentalcare.com.

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