An implant system that brings versatility to your practice

AnyridgeDental implants have been around for more than 30 years and as of today they have become the golden standard for replacing missing teeth.

The main characteristics of existing implant systems have been determined by a couple of milestone innovations and achievements in macro and micro implant design, which include; the internal connection, rough surface, root-shaped design, platform shifting and conical connection.

Although most of the implants perform well in their mission of replacing missing teeth, they still lack a fundamental feature, versatility.

Different clinical situations (insufficient bone density, lack of vertical or horizontal dimension, thin tissue biotype) require the use of different implant systems or adaptation of the technique, which can compromise on the quality, surgery time and patient comfort.

Five years ago, Megagen introduced to the word the Anyridge implant – one of the first implant systems to feature the progressive thread design.

It included:

  • An implant system that achieves initial stability in any bone density
  • An implant that can be as short as 6mm
  • An implant that can be as narrow as 3mm
  • An implant that can easily achieve initial stability in post extraction sockets
  • An implant that has a unique morse taper connection, making the screw loosening virtually impossible
  • An implant with advanced platform shifting, for high aesthetic results.

Anyridge is the implant system that brings versatility to your daily implant practice.

For more information on Anyridge please contact Megagen on 01442 840326, email [email protected] or visit

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