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STE AcademyClick Convert Sell has launched the Straight Teeth Engine Academy an innovative new course for GDPs who want to grow their orthodontic practice

Operating your clinic to its full potential requires a multi-factorial approach. Besides the known marketing strategies, you’d be surprised at how many aces up your sleeve you are not taking fully advantage of.
Click Convert Sell introduces the first orthodontic lifecycle marketing and sales system that promises to break the boundaries of anything conventional and revolutionise the way you have been growing your orthodontic practice. The Straight Teeth Engine Academy, launched just last month, has already received an overwhelming interest from orthodontics and dentists all across the country, who have enrolled in the courses and are already at the stage of Week 5 at the moment.
The dozens of eager dentists and orthodontics give nothing but eulogistic feedback so far: ‘The business structure diagram hit the nail on the head for me. The graphical boxes (specifically the size of each box in relation to their importance/quantity) was visually quite striking and definitely got the point across. I think introducing the processes in the way you have from outlying the overall strategic plan and then adding where the six processes fit in to allow you to achieve the overall plan has been a good way of introducing this complex topic.’

Dashboards – like this one for website traffic – allows practices to track performance and leads

Marketing and sales system

The course is delivered over 12 weeks, with four core learning modules that will walk you through the secrets and highly effective strategies of:
• Attracting the right people
• Being seen as a trusted expert (by building your patient list)
• Converting interested enquiries to appointments
• Delivering a superb patient experience that will bring in more customers.
The complete end-to-end system will teach you how to start braces more predictably and how to make your marketing more effective and profitable. Every sales and marketing system is tested by Click Convert Sell before presenting it and, after having spent hundreds of thousands of pounds, the company says it has a very powerful tool to share.
Indicatively, you learn all about mastering:
• Social media
• Conversion and follow-up systems
• Direct marketing fundamentals
• Systems for lead engagement and nurturing
• Comprehensive assessment systems
• Clinical experience systems
• Aftercare retention
•  And much more.
In addition, at the end of the courses, you will receive two bonus modules teaching you how to, 1) use internal launch to jump start your orthodontic cases and, 2) how to power up your team to start more braces.

What makes the difference?

Developed by UK-based marketing strategist and dentist, Aalok Shukla, this sales system’s curriculum, coupled with plenty of training and worksheets is the most complete ever compiled. As opposed to other courses and trainings out there, the Straight Teeth Engine Academy provides participants with a complete overview of the whole system they need to successfully grow their orthodontic practice systematically, and gives clear examples, templates, and step-by-step guides for each component.
With all the tools for success placed in your hands and a variety of dashboards and tracking numbers to check up on your progress, you can’t but succeed. Grow your patient list and start more braces, by taking a step up and investing in the world’s first integrated lifecycle marketing system with astonishing results now.

The next intake is scheduled for spring 2015. Register your interest at


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